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Career Paths

WSDOT Employees can pursue a wide variety of career paths. Depending on your interests and background, it is possible to plan a career from entry level to the top of the career path. There are also many possible moves within a career path that can add challenges and career satisfaction.

At WSDOT we recognize that every employee is unique and it would be difficult to outline every possible career path. Avenues in which you could seek your own path are in Maintenance, Finance & Administration, Equipment, IT, and Environmental fields to name a few.

State service in WSDOT offers exceptional opportunities. Education and experience can often substitute for each other. There are ways to move between career paths - from engineering to maintenance, for example. The only limit is the employee's flexibility and willingness to seek opportunities.

The list below provides areas where the next step in your career path awaits:

DESIGN/PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - Careers in this area are for design engineers who enjoy developing technical solutions in a creative environment. Responsible for designing highways and other facilities that integrate all modes of transportation. They are also an integral part of the team that ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget.

CONSTRUCTION - Engineers who enjoy preparing specifications for roads and bridges and working closely with contractors to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget will enjoy construction positions. Preparing standard specifications for road and bridge construction projects and coordinating contracted projects.

BRIDGES & STRUCTURES - The Bridge Office features field and office positions for engineers and other technical and support staff. You would be involved with the design and inspection of bridges and other transportation structures.

TRAFFIC - Traffic signals are designed, operated and maintained by the Traffic Office. This includes designing traffic control plans for construction zones and deploying incident response teams to assist with traffic accidents and other traffic disruptions.

MAINTENANCE - Love to work outside? This career path would be ideal for you! Keeping roads safe for travelers, your responsibilities involve maintenance and operation of state highways working in crews assigned to repair roadways, roadsides, drainage, rest areas, bridges, and detours.

PLANNING - Join the Planning team and help WSDOT determine which projects should happen next by uncovering the most effective use of agency resources. Long-range multimodal transportation planning for highways, ferries, aviation, marine ports, rail and public transportation are exciting areas.

MARINE ENGINEERING - Washington State Ferries, a division of WSDOT, runs the largest ferry system in the United States. Ferries employees encompass customer service to on-board personnel to marine engineers to executive management. Positions also include opportunities in planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations.

ADMINISTRATION & SUPPORT - Positions in this career path deliver the many services that allow organizations to operate efficiently including accounting, budget, administrative services, contracts, facilities management, forms management, mail, purchasing and materials management, records management, human resources, information technology, and risk management.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT - The development and management of the capital portion of the highway construction budget. This is a great opportunity for number crunchers and people who enjoy determining which projects receive funding and managing construction budgets.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Environmental science and policy staff are located around the state fostering environmental stewardship in every aspect of WSDOT’s work – from Planning and Design, through Construction, and into Operation and Maintenance of the transportation system.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES – Providing WSDOT the property needed for highway projects and the management of WSDOT property, Real Estate Services employs title examiners, appraisers, negotiators, relocation and property management agents.

LOCAL PROGRAMS - Developing policy for highway planning, programs and budgetary needs by providing educational, technical and financial support to local agencies and other transportation partners. As an employee for Local Programs, you would be assisting other employees who work for cities and counties.