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Type 3 Guardrail Anchor Retrofit for Thrie Beam (TB-50)

Type 3 Guardrail Anchor Retrofit for Thrie Beam (TB-50)   View larger image - Type 3 Guardrail Anchor Retrofit for Thrie Beam (TB-50)

The old Type 3 anchor was primarily used at bridge ends. This anchor consisted of a steel pipe mounted vertically in a concrete foundation. Bridge approach guardrail was then mounted on the steel pipe.

On one-way highways, these anchors were usually positioned so that neither the anchor nor the bridge rail posed a snagging potential. When these cases are encountered, the anchor may remain in place if a stiffened transition section is provided at the connection to the post.

On two-way highways, the anchor may present a snagging potential. In these cases, install this retrofit connection from the anchor to the bridge rail if the offset from the bridge rail to the face of the guardrail is 1 foot 6 inches or less. If the offset is greater than 1 foot 6 inches, remove the anchor and install a new transition and connection.

There are two designs to choose from. Select the retrofit detail that is appropriate for achieving the desired rail height.

Before including these details in the Contract Documents, contact Bill Berens of the HQ Design Office at (360) 705-7256.

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