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Type 31 Wood Post Systems (TB-42 - TB-45)

These plans are for use as required in areas where aesthetic barrier will be used and the steel post options cannot be used, the wood post options may be used with justification (Design Decision Memo).

TB-42 Beam Guardrail Type 31 (TB-42)

View plan sheet (pdf 863kb)
Download WinZip file (zip 185kb)

TB-43 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Non-Flared Terminal (TB-43)

View plan sheet  (pdf 318kb)
Download WinZip file (zip 124kb)

TB-44 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Transition Section Type 20 (TB-44)

View plan sheet  (pdf 836kb)
Download WinZip file (zip 486kb)

TB-45 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Anchor Type 10 (TB-45)

View plan sheet (pdf 1074kb)
Download WinZip file (zip 721kb)

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