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Conduit Sleeve Detail (IS-9)

This drawing shows the necessary details for placing Conduit Sleeves around the Conduit Deflection Joints installed in Retaining Wall Traffic Barriers.

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Conduit Deflection Joint with Sleeve 

Exposed Conduit Deflection Fitting  

This drawing is intended to supplement Standard Plan J-16b, Bridge Traffic Barrier plans, and retaining wall plans that require a conduit deflection joint. It should be included as a detail in any contract with these features.

Conduit Deflection Joints protect the conduit and wires where they pass through the barrier/retaining wall expansion joint that is coincident with the footing construction joint. Use of Conduit Deflection Fittings at these junctures diminishes the threats posed by structural movement and the weather.

The Sleeve is applied to accommodate the differential movement of the concrete during the pour, and to maximize protection of the fitting during construction. It consists of a casing of polystyrene foam wrapped in duct tape. The foam has a relatively high friction resistant surface that provides sufficient durability. This is enhanced by the tape which is intended to weatherproof the sleeve while exposed, and to resist concrete intrusion during the pour.

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