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Slip Base Adaptor for 4-Bolt Light Standard Base (IS-14)

WSDOT Staffers:
Guidance for existing Luminaire Standards with frangible bases located within the work area.

  1. Replace standard with frangible base and with a 3 bolt slip base adapter.
  2. Replace standard when hand hole is in the frangible base.
  3. Relocating a standard is an option, if the standard is less than 10 years old.
  4. Replace a standard if greater than 10 years old.
  5. Replace all aluminum standards.
  6. Replace or relocate standards, to meet current lighting design criteria.

This former Standard Plan (J-1c) was developed many years ago to address the need for breakaway designs for light standards.

 View Larger Image - Slip Base Adaptor for 4 Bolt Light Standard Base (IS-14)

The adapter plate allows an older four bolt fixed base light standard to be converted into an acceptable slip base unit. A breakaway feature, such as the slip base, is required if the light standard is within the Clear Zone. There is no specific bid item for the use of the adapter plate and will need to be developed by the user of this plan.

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