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Signal Standard Details (IS-13)

Note: Include this plan sheet as part of the Contract Plans for any WSDOT Contract requiring the installation of a Signal Standard.

Signal Standard Design

This plan provides the necessary details for installing a Signal Standard.
View Plan Sheet (pdf 412 kb)

Alternate 1 Alternate 2 (backfill material not shown)

Foundation Design

Per the "Soil Investigation in the Signal Design Process" memorandum, Region electrical design groups need to contact the Region Materials Engineer (RME) and request foundation recommendations. The RME will assess the site's soils and topography for the proposed Signal Standard location. View Memorandum (pdf 88 kb).

Based on the RME's assessment, there are two options:

1. If the soil conditions and slopes are such that a standard foundation design can be used, the RME will recommend to the Region electrical design group that the foundation depth be designed using the criteria contained within the applicable Standard Plan.

For Type 2 and Type 3 Traffic Signal Foundations, see Standard Plan J-26.10.
View Standard Plan J-26.10 (pdf 64 kb)

For Type 4 and Type 5 Strain Pole Foundations, see Standard Plan J-27.10.
View Standard Plan J-27.10 (pdf 60kb) 

For Luminaire Foundation, see Standard Plan J-28.30.
View Standard Plan J-28.30 (pdf 1.54 mb)

For Camera Pole Foundation, see Standard Plan J-29.10.
View Standard Plan J-29.10 (pdf 1.01 mb)

2. If soil conditions are too soft, loose or solid rock is encountered, or the slopes are too steep, the RME will recommend using a special foundation design. At this point, the RME may elect to provide the foundation design recommendations directly to the Bridge and Structures Office or request that the HQ Geotechnical Division provide the recommendations to the Bridge and Structures Office. In either case, the Bridge and Structures Office will be responsible for the development of the special foundation design.

In no case should an individual from the Region electrical design group select a standard foundation for use without the recommendation and concurrence of the RME.

Per the above memorandum, Region electrical design groups are directed to request a soils analysis, in memorandum format, from the RME. Please note the highlights, representing the specific information to be included for each project, in the provided template. View Soils Analysis Request Memo (pdf 20 kb)

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