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Commercial Vehicle Services - Detour Pass

Keeping freight moving during major transportation disruptions is key to supporting the state’s economy and jobs, and to ensure that our citizens’ essential needs are met. This new Commercial Vehicle (CV) Pass System is intended to support freight movement by authorizing emergency, essential, and other goods delivery through affected areas during a highway disruption of two to seven days.

The state will activate the Commercial Vehicle Pass System when major freight highways are closed or severely restricted, and a limited-capacity detour is available nearby. CV passes (detour passes) will be issued based on the highway detour’s capacity and the priority of goods carried, as determined by the State Emergency Operation Center. Detour Passes will not be issued until the Washington State Department of Transportation has determined the detour route to be safe, potentially on the second or third day after the highway closure.

Shippers and trucking companies can request and receive CV passes online.
Request a Detour Pass to travel on a detour route during emergency conditions.
Have questions about how this works? (pdf 209kb)