I-90 Seafair & Blue Angels

Updated: June 27, 2019

The I-90 floating bridge will not close to traffic this year.

A new flight path will allow the Blue Angels to soar over the Seattle area during the 2019 Seafair Air Show without closing the Interstate 90 floating bridge. In the past, the Washington State Department of Transportation has been required to close the bridge by the Federal Aviation Administration to keep the public safe and minimize distractions. This year’s flight path eliminates the need for a closure.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to I-90: 

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to access the bridge’s pathway for the duration of the flights. However, it may not be used for stopping and viewing the Blue Angels. The path is a heavily used route for commuters and should be viewed similarly to a roadway. Please use caution if cycling through the area.

Enforcement on the bridge

With traffic flowing normally on I-90 this year, Washington State Patrol will be conducting speed and distracted driving enforcement. Remember: it is illegal to park your vehicle in a lane or on the shoulder unless for an emergency.

Why has I-90 closed in the past?

The FAA requires a safety zone around and below the area where the Blue Angels practice and perform. These horizontal and vertical restrictions are in place to protect the public, property and pilots. This zone, also called "the box," covered part of Lake Washington and the floating bridges - hence the closure. The new flight path has changed the location of “the box,” eliminating the need for the I-90 bridge closures.

Will the State Route 520 floating bridge be affected? 

The SR 520 floating bridge will remain open to traffic and tolls will be collected according to the rate schedule.

Where can I get more information? 

Seafair: http://www.seafair.com

Washington State Patrol: Rick Johnson, Rick.Johnson@wsp.wa.gov