North Central region construction and travel advisory

For Oct. 15-19

Revised: Fri. Oct. 12

Jeff Adamson, communications, (509) 667-2815 (Wenatchee)


Projects - by highway

US 2 School St. sewer extension
County: Chelan  Hwy. US 2/97  Region: North Central  
Location: MP 118-119 NW of Wenatchee
Description: A City of Wenatchee contractor is installing new sanitary sewer pipe near the edge of the shoulder on both sides of the highway at School Street.
Work Schedule:  Monday through Friday NIGHTS, 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., expect the right lane to be closed and both lane's traffic shifted to a single lane.
Contact: WSDOT Utilities 509-667-3062

(US 2)  Strategic Pavement Preservation 2018 - Contract #9188 
County: Chelan  Hwy.: US 2  Region: North Central 
Location: MP 58.46 to 59.76 and MP 72.63 to MP 72.70 Stevens Pass Vicinity
Description: In this $1.4M project, Central Washington Asphalt did work on four highways in North Central Region including crack sealing, chip sealing, asphalt paving, striping, and other work.  Construction began April 19 will be complete this week.
Work schedule: Monday AND Tuesday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., expect less than 20 minute delays for alternating one-lane flagger/pilot car controlled traffic for final paving work 9 miles east of the summit at Berne Camp.  For final paving 5 miles west of the summit at Tunnel Creek, no delays. Expect only lane shifts through this 3 lane section.
Contact: Dan Lewis (509) 667-2881

(SR 17) Prior Farms Left Turn Lane Contract #9270 
Counties: Grant, Highway: SR 17 Region: North Central 
Location: MP 35.80 to MP 36.14 Between Othello and Moses Lake
Description: In this $400k project, Central Washington Asphalt is constructing a southbound left turn lane by installing crushed surfacing base course, asphalt paving, illumination, striping, and other work.  Crews began July 16 and should be complete by the end of August.         
Work schedule: Tuesday ONLY 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., expect intermittent flagging with up to 20 minute delays for roadside restoration work.
Contact: Lisa Popoff, Assistant Project Engineer (509) 667-2882

(NEW) (SR 26) Railroad Bridge Deck Repair #9275 
Counties: Adams, Highway: SR 26 Region: North Central 
Location: MP 57.69 to MP 57.72, between the Junction of SR 26 & SR 17 on the west and the Junction of SR 26 & US 395 on the east.
Description: In this $1.2M project, N.A. Degerstrom Inc. will be replacing the deck of the bridge of BNSF Railroad tracks.  Work begins Oct. 15 and should be complete by Nov. 21.   
Work Schedule: Starting Monday, for six weeks through Wednesday, November 21, a detour will be in place while crews replace the bridge deck.  The 32-mile detour, using state routes 17, 260, and US 395, adds about 14 miles and 15 additional minutes compared to driving the closed portion of SR 26.
Contact: Dan Lewis , Project Engineer (509) 667-2881

(US 97) Blewett Pass Culvert Replacements - Contracts #9236, #9274
Counties: Kittitas  Highway: US 97 Region: North Central
Location: MP 159 five mi. S. of Blewett Pass Summit
Description: In one $1.1M project, Hurst Construction crew has replaced a culvert that is a fish passage barrier. Work began September 4 and the Swauk Creek culvert stream bed work will be complete by mid October.
Work Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY, expect no traffic impacts while a crew does seeding and mulching work.
Contact: Lisa Popoff, Assistant Project Engineer (509) 667-2882

(SR 153) Methow River Bridges Structural Rehabilitation Phase 2 - Contract #9259
County: Okanogan, Highway: SR 153 Region: North Central
Location: MP 13.45 to MP 22.39 Between Methow & Carlton
Description: Combined Construction Inc. is performing bridge rehabilitation work on bridges 153/13, 153/15, 153/16, 153/17, and 153/20. Work began July 9 and should be complete by mid November.
Work Schedule: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. no traffic impacts expected as under-deck rehabilitation work on bridge columns continues.
Contact: Lisa Popoff, Assistant Project Engineer (509) 667-2882

SR 155 Omak Fiber Optic Installation
County: Okanogan  Hwy. SR 155  Region: North Central
Location: MP 75.5-80 Omak Lake Rd. to US 97
Description: Install Fiber Optic Cable in the paved shoulder. Work begins 10/15 and should end 10/26.
Work Schedule: Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. expect 5 to 20 minute delays with flagger controlled single lane alternating traffic.
Contact: WSDOT Utilities 509-667-3062

SR 285 Wenatchee Area Paving and ADA Compliance - Contract #9260
County: Chelan, Highway: SR 285 Region: North Central
Location: MP 0.79 to MP 5.04 Wenatchee-Bridge St. north to US 2.
Description: In this $6M project, Central Washington Asphalt crews are planing and paving 4 miles of SR 285 as well as numerous adjacent city side streets. They will also be updating ADA curb ramps and signal systems as well as bridge deck work on the bridges over the Wenatchee River.  Work began June 24 and should be complete by November.
Work Schedule: NIGHTS: 7:30 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Thursday: expect single and multi-lane closures on Mission St., N. Wenatchee Ave. and some side streets.
Paving is complete -expect two more weeks of finish work:
Pavement Markings, Electrical Work, Sidewalks, Curbing, Raising Utility Covers, Bridge Expansion Joints, Permanent Signs, Guardrail and Centerline tubular plastic markers.

Contact: David Kieninger, Project Engineer (509) 667-2861

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