State bicycle facilities and pedestrian walkways plan

Announcing the WSDOT 2018 Active Transportation Planning Process

SR 520 bike path and bicyclers

What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation means human forms of travel, in particular walking and bicycling and rolling to get from one place to another. Almost everyone uses active transportation at some point in a trip, whether walking to a transit hub, bicycling to work or rolling home from a ferry terminal.

What is the WSDOT Active Transportation Plan?

The WSDOT Active Transportation Plan is a strategic plan, and will include a statewide assessment of where we are now, where we want to go, and how we are going to measure our process in getting there.

What is the schedule for the WSDOT Active Transportation Planning process?

WSDOT Active Transportation plan update is underway.  The focus for early 2019 will be on community engagement and a network analysis. The planning process is scheduled for completion in December 2019.

How do I get involved or get more information?

The Walk and Roll: WSDOT Active Transportation e-news is your best source for information - subscribe here.

Barb Chamberlain, WSDOT Active Transportation Division Director.
Phone: 206-716-1130