Public Transportation - Vanpool Investment Program

WSDOT provides state funds to support vanpool programs in transit agencies across Washington. Transit agencies use these funds to purchase vans to expand vanpool fleets, replace aging vans and provide incentives to employers to increase vanpool ridership. The funding under this program allows the purchase of vans with different fuel types, including low-emission, plug-in hybrids.

Washington has the largest public vanpool fleet in the nation. Each work day, more than 18,000 commuters ride in more than 3,000 vanpools. These vanpools improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the number of cars on the road. This partnership between the state and transit agencies, which started in 2001 with 12 transit agencies, now includes 22 transit agencies.

For more information, contact Shamus Misek, or 360-705-7346, or your local WSDOT Public Transportation Community Liaison.