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Travel Alerts
US 97
US 97 Both Directions - US 97 at Omak remains closed until 9 p.m. Aug. 28. All highway traffic will be detoured through town. Expect congestion and delays.
Last Updated: 8/17/2018 3:49 PM
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US 395
US 395 Both Directions - US 395 will be DETOURED in the vicinity of Deer Park, MP 178 to MP 171, from 7:00pm Friday, August 17th through 5:30am Tuesday, August 21st. Southbound traffic will be directed west at Monroe Rd to South Monroe Rd, then east at Burroughs Rd back to US 395. Northbound traffic will be directed north at Main St, west at Crawford Rd, then back to US 395. Motorists should expect high delays and are encouraged to find alternative routes within this time frame.
Last Updated: 8/9/2018 4:06 PM
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SR 290
SR 290 Both Directions - Closure for emergency vehicles on SR 290 both directions at milepost 9.51 near Evergreen Rd, Spokane Valley, EB traffic will be diverted at Pines Road, (SR 27) , WB traffic will be divert at Sullivan Road, beginning at 12:56 pm on August 19, 2018 until further notice. Expect delays.
Last Updated: 8/19/2018 12:59 PM
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SR 155
SR 155 Both Directions - ON SR 155 between Nespelem and Omak Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. expect less than 20 minute delays with single lane flagger controlled traffic for fiber optic cable installation.
Last Updated: 8/10/2018 12:24 PM
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I-90 Westbound - Construction continues on the Hamilton/SR290 on-ramp to WB 90. The on-ramp is closed until further notice. Travelers will have several detour options to access westbound I-90 from Hamilton during this closure, though some depend on vehicle height.
Last Updated: 8/9/2018 4:31 PM
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US 2
US 2 Both Directions - Rut repair work on the north bound lane of the Sam Guess Bridge near Division and Ruby Streets, MP 286.86 to 289.19. Night time lane restrictions will continue through early August with work being performed 8pm to 6am.
Last Updated: 8/2/2018 4:45 PM
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I-90 Westbound - Maintenance on I-90 westbound from milepost 286.7 near Park Rd to milepost 278.1 near Sunset Hill beginning at 3:00 pm on Monday August 6th to Thursday August 9th, from 9:00 to 3:00. Roadway users should be alert for lane closures and traffic congestion.
Last Updated: 8/2/2018 12:36 PM
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SR 290
SR 290 Both Directions - Construction on SR 290 both directions from milepost 0.7 near Hamilton St to milepost 3.4 near Mission Ave beginning July 30th until further notice. Daytime work with lane closures.
Last Updated: 8/2/2018 9:11 AM
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