I-405 Express Toll Lanes – Reporting and Measuring Performance

We have three goals for the I-405 express toll lanes which determine how and what we report on: to provide a choice for drivers, to provide a faster and more predictable trip, and to fund future improvements.

Goal #1: Provide a choice for drivers

In the summer of 2018, we conducted a survey to determine how  people felt about the express toll lanes. We found that support for express toll lanes has improved, and most I-405 drivers think express toll lanes help them save time.


Goal #2: Provide a faster and more predictable trip

The express toll lanes were designed to provide drivers with the option of a faster, more predictable trip. There are a variety of performance measures to determine whether the express toll lanes are providing this valuable choice to drivers, including speeds, travel times and reliability.


Goal #3: Fund future improvements

The express toll lanes raised $99.5 million in 45 months of operation. Of the total, $66.8 million has or will be used to relieve congestion and improve travel for the people who use I-405 each day.


For more comprehensive reporting on the express toll lanes: