The Bridge as a Connection

Why were the
bridges built?

The Bridge as Machine

How did they
build the bridges?

The Bridge as Art

Why do the bridges
look like they do?
  People of the Bridge
Who designed
the bridges?


Washington State Department of Transportation

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Andrea Howell, Maintenance & Operations Webmaster
Jon Moergen, Maintenance Lead, Narrows Bridge
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Tim Moore, Senior Structural Bridge Engineer
Filiz Satir, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project Office
Rick Singer, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project Business Manager
Vicki Steigner, Olympic Region Planning Office
Kip Wylie, Maintenance Supervisor, Narrows Bridge

Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society & Museum
 Vicki Blackwell
McChord Air Museum Foundation
 Ernest White
Oregon State Department of Transportation
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Oregon State University Libraries
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Tacoma Public Library
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Underwater Atmospheric Systems, Inc.         
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University of Washington
 Manuscripts, Archives & Special Collections
Washington State Archives
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Washington State Historical Society
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Western Shore Heritage Services
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       Wendy Kozina, Jane Medina

Earl White
Howard Clifford
C. W. Eldridge
Allan Larsen
Charles (Chuck) Munson



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