The Bridge as a Connection

Why were the
bridges built?

The Bridge as Machine

How did they
build the bridges?

The Bridge as Art

Why do the bridges
look like they do?
  People of the Bridge
Who designed
the bridges?
Photos of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Meet Your New Bridge!

The People Behind the Bridges

Who designed the Tacoma Narrows Bridges? Who built them?

The Tacoma Narrows Bridges are really more about people than steel or concrete. You'll meet bridge workers with "nerves of steel," engineers, newspaper reporters, and politicians. Here are the amazing stories of the people who designed the Narrows Bridges, built them, and played important community roles.

People of the 1940 Narrows Bridge
People of the Collapse & Aftermath, 1940-50
People of the Current Narrows Bridge, 1950-Present
Women of the Bridge
Builders & Neighbors - Children of the Bridge


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