The Bridge as a Connection

Why were the
bridges built?

The Bridge as Machine

How did they
build the bridges?

The Bridge as Art

Why do the bridges
look like they do?
  People of the Bridge
Who designed
the bridges?

Photos of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Meet Your New Bridge!

The Bridges as Machines

Look here for the "nuts and bolts" of design, construction, and operations.

How did they build the 1940 and 1950 Narrows Bridges? What are the parts of a suspension bridge? What architectural developments influenced the bridge designs?

Learn about the working parts of each structure (such as towers, cables, caissons, anchorages, etc.). Discover the fascinating story of designing the Tacoma Narrows Bridges and their legacy to suspension bridge architecture.

Suspension Bridge Basics
1940 Narrows Bridge: The Machine
Lessons From the Failure of a Great Machine
Aftermath — Engineering Challenge and the Rise of a New Bridge
The Bridge Machine Since 1950

Watch the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge being built in a time-lapse video.


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