US 2 - Pittsburgh Road Intersection/Closure & Cul-de-Sac

Project news

Awarded to Wm. Winkler Company of Spokane with a construction bid of $139,800.

Needs & Benefits

Build a cul-de-sac where Pittsburgh Road meets US 2, eliminating access from the residential street to the highway.  Decreases non-residential traffic using route as a shortcut and traveling next to neighborhood park.


Construction is scheduled to get underway in mid-April and completed during 2018.


Pre-Existing Funding (PEF) = $192, 545.


Al Gilson, communications, 509-324-6015
Tom Brasch, project engineer, 509-323-8410

WSDOT Eastern Region
2714 N. Mayfair
Spokane, WA  99207