SR 530 - Trafton Creek and Schoolyard Creek - Fish Passage - Bypasses

A map showing the location of a highway bypass on SR 530 for the Schoolyard Creek fish passage project.

Summer 2019 SR 530 bypass

On SR 530 between east Arlington and Oso, we will build a bypass that will allow crews to replace an old, narrow culvert for Schoolyard Creek that goes under the highway. In summer 2020, we will replace the culvert for Trafton Creek under SR 530.

Schoolyard Creek (east of Lind Road)
Through Sept. 3, travelers will use another single-lane bypass, controlled by signals, to get around the work zone.

Traffic effects
People traveling on both directions of SR 530 between Arlington and Oso should plan for 5- to 10-minute delays through Sept. 3.

Also, another WSDOT project near the confluence of the Sauk and Suiattle rivers north of Darrington will create  5- to 10-minute delays through mid-September.