SR 525 - Clinton Passenger & ADA Improvement

Project news

Needs & Benefits

The project will improve the way pick up and drop offs are handled at the Clinton Terminal.

The new design will:

  • Widen Ferry Dock road so drivers no longer block the road when picking up or dropping off ferry customers.
  • Add a separate pick up and drop off zone, with a thru lane and pedestrian platform with a shelter and bench.
  • Improve sidewalks in the area per ADA standards. 
  • Include a new retaining wall on Columbia Beach drive.


  • July 2016 - June 2018: Planning/Design 
  • Summer 2018: Hire contractor
  • Fall 2018/Winter 2019:  Construction 
  • Spring 2019: Construction completion 


Total budget: $3 million
Funding sources: The 2015 $16 billion dollar Connecting Washington funding package. Connecting Washington is a 16-year program, funded primarily by an 11.9-cent gas tax increase.


Hadley Rodero
WSDOT Communications
(206) 470-0524