SR 305 - Agate Pass Bridge - Bridge Painting

Project News

  • Work on the bridge is complete for the season. The project will likely resume in early 2020 when consistently warm and dry weather returns.
  • ​Both sidewalks are open for pedestrians. The 45 mph speed limit has been restored. Temporary commercial vehicle restrictions for oversize/overweight vehicles are no longer necessary. The bridge is now subject to standard restrictions.
  • WSDOT encourages all users of the bridge to sign up for project updates. Get advance information about this project on the Kitsap and Mason County construction and travel updates web page.

Needs & Benefits

Steel truss bridges need to be regularly cleaned and painted to preserve their integrity and keep them in good working condition. The old paint is bubbled, corroded and peeling in places. Areas of rust are also visible. Once repainted, the bridge will be protected from weathering and deterioration, extending its useful lifespan. If the bridge was not repainted, the steel would eventually deteriorate from rust.

How will the work be done? 

WSDOT will work to keep people moving and minimize delays whenever possible. The bridge will be reduced to one-way alternating traffic at times during nighttime and early morning hours. One sidewalk will remain open. Crews have established a temporary sidewalk across SR 305 near the bridge on Bainbridge Island. 

Due to the bridge’s size, work will be performed in sections. 

  • Install a containment system to help protect the environment.
  • Construct a platform within the containment system to provide a work area for crews.
  • Sandblast away the paint until crews reach bare metal.
  • Apply new primer and paint.
  • Remove the work platform and containment system.


  • Work began summer 2019.
  • Crews will return during spring 2020 and continue through early fall 2020. 


Financial Data for PIN 330524A
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $0
CWA $16,016
Total $16,016


Doug Adamson 
WSDOT Communications

Michele Britton
Port Orchard Project Engineer's Office 

SR 305 Agate Pass Bridge Project Map