SR 26 - Railroad Bridge Deck Repair - Complete December 2018

Project news - March 14, 2019

The detour is returning! The repaired bridge reopened at noon Dec. 14th, however, due to the weather, permanent concrete bridge approaches couldn't be installed in December so temporary approaches were constructed.  With the advent of spring, temperatures will allow replacement with permanent approaches.  The work will be scheduled for mid-April and will require the same detour for a week or so.  The timing will avoid any high traffic volume events at WSU.  When the plans are finalized among the parties involved (WSDOT, BNSF, Contractor); the public outreach will begin as far in advance as possible.

SR 26 is a primary route from western Washington to Washington State University in Pullman. The average traffic count is just under 2,000 vehicles a day, but that number can double on WSU event weekends. This closure impacted Cougar home football game, special event and holiday traffic. 

WSDOT is grateful for the support and understanding from parents and students and their patience over the two months of closure and detour.  We are also grateful for the difficult work accomplished under wintery conditions by our contractor, N.A. Degerstrom and BNSF.


This 154 foot long pre-stressed concrete girder bridge constructed in 1957 in southern Adams County had a bridge deck that was deteriorating at a rapid rate requiring continuous maintenance. Its already scheduled replacement next spring was advanced from 2019 to this fall as our Bridge office technicians recommended against allowing the structure to endure another winter.  The bridge deck replacement began Oct. 15 and was expected to close SR 26 for six weeks, requiring the detour.  It took eight. 

Needs & benefits

The immediate need was to replace the bridge deck before it deteriorated further making it unsafe to use the bridge at all.  A new bridge deck constructed to current standards now provides a safer structure for both commuters and commercial vehicles on the bridge and protects the high volume tracks for the train traffic below.


The project was advertised for private contractor bids on April 23, 2018. Contract #9275 was awarded on May 29 to N.A. Degerstrom, Inc. for $1,086,510.00.


Financial Data for PIN 202600S
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)

  • Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) - $1,195
  • Total - $1,195


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