WSDOT Project Search provides you with basic information about projects in and around your community. Use drop-down boxes below to select criteria and press the Search Projects button to see the results.
The Programmatic Project search button shows those WSDOT projects associated with each programmatic category used in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Title 23 CFR §450.216 outlines the requirements for grouping like projects into a single “programmatic” STIP entry. The use of this process allows WSDOT more flexibility in obligating federal funds as well as greatly reducing the administrative effort associated with the STIP. The programmatic STIP is currently used for P1 (paving) projects but the potential exists to expand the usage to other areas such as railroad/highway crossings and guardrails.

Programmatic entries are based on information contained in the latest ten year plan and are not updated throughout the year. In order to view the current project data use the ‘Project Delivery Status’ search tab on the left. The data on this tab is regularly updated and contains current delivery assumptions.