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Cost Risk Assessment (CRA) and CEVP®

Providing resources to promote and support effective Cost Risk Assessment (CRA) and the Cost Estimate Validation Process (CEVP)

Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management Guide (pdf 2.8 mb)
CREM Glossary (pdf 578kb)
Risk Breakdown Structure (pdf 115kb)
Project Management Guide

Workshop Resources
Workshop Request Form (doc 153kb)
Prep-Session Agenda Sample (doc 51kb)
Workshop Agenda Sample (doc 81kb)
One-Pager Template (doc 175kb)
Participation Matrix (xls 39kb)
Sample (doc 1.5mb)
Sample Risk Elements (doc 43kb)

Recommended resources
Project Risk Analysis Model
Unit Bid Analysis
Executive Order 1032.01 (pdf 30kb) "Project Management"
Executive Order 1053.00 (pdf 64kb) "Project Risk Management and Risk Based Estimating"
Instructional Letter 4071.01 (pdf 434kb) "Risk Based Project Estimates...

Supporting offices
WSDOT Value Engineering
WSDOT Construction Office 
Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International
Transportation Estimators Association (TEA)
Trns.port Users Group (TUG)

Supporting articles
Risk Assessment/Allocation for Highway Construction Management
Risk Analysis/Contingency Determination/Range Estimating(pdf 86kb)
Guidance for Cost Estimation for Highway Projects
Underestimating Costs in Public Works Projects - Error or Lie?

Any questions, contact
Mark Gabel

Cost Risk Estimating Manager