I-82 - South Union Gap Interchange - Construct Ramps

Project news

Project description
This project will complete the interchange by constructing a westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp between I-82 and Main Street to provide full access to Union Gap.

Delivery Method: Design - Build

I-82 / South Union Gap Interchange — Construct Ramps
Commercial and retail businesses continue moving into southern Yakima and Union Gap, resulting in additional traffic and increased congestion. Currently, the South Union Gap interchange lacks full connections to I-82 and US 97. The existing interchange provides a westbound off-ramp to I-82, which forces motorists to use the Valley Mall Boulevard interchange and increases congestion in the Valley Mall area. This project will complete the interchange by constructing a westbound on-ramp to I-82 and an eastbound off-ramp to provide full access to Union Gap.

Needs & benefits

This project will improve access to and from I-82 and Union Gap, provide efficient connections to local roads, improve traffic flow, and ease congestion in the area. WSDOT's new interchange ramps will link to Union Gap's Main Street and provide access to Union Gap's future Regional Beltway Connector project.

Construction impacts
During construction, the existing South Union Gap interchange ramps will remain open with minor delays to traffic. WSDOT will maintain access to businesses and residences throughout construction.


  • City of Union Gap
  • Yakama Nation
  • Yakima Valley Conference of Governments
  • TRANS-Action
  • Yakima County
  • Local Residents
  • Local Businesses
  • Environmental Regulatory Agencies

Current engineering process

  • Environmental: Documentation and permitting in progress
  • Geotech: Drilling complete
  • Bridge: Preliminary bridge plan complete
  • Design: 30% design complete
  • Traffic: Interchange Justification Report complete
  • Utilities: No utility impacts anticipated
  • Right of Way: No additional right of way required
  • Request for Qualification: Advertise before June 2018
  • Request for Proposal: Draft under development; project advertisement anticipated fall 2018


Design: Winter 2017
Advertise Project: Fall 2018
Begin Construction: Spring 2019
Open to Traffic: Fall 2019


Financial Data for PIN 508209U
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $0
CWA $34,400
Total $34,400

$34 million - Funded by the 2015 Connecting Washington revenue package


Bob Hooker
WSDOT Project Engineer
South Central Project Office
2809 Rudkin Rd.
Union Gap, WA 98903

Interstate 82 South Union Gap map

The South Union Gap Interchange will provide full access in all directions on I-82 and US 97.