I-5 - Marine View Dr to SR 528 - Peak Use Shoulder Lane & I/C Improvements

Project news

  • This project received funding through the 2015 Connecting Washington transportation package.
  • Design work will occur 2017-2019.
  • Construction is tentatively scheduled to occur in 2020-2022.

We will add a northbound peak-use shoulder lane between Everett and Marysville. In addition the project will expand the existing interchange at I-5 and SR 529 to add:

  • A northbound I-5 off-ramp to SR 529.
  • A ramp from SR 529 to southbound I-5.

Why is WSDOT adding a northbound peak-use shoulder lane and improving the I-5/SR 529 interchange?
Snohomish County has experienced significant population growth in the past several decades. Between 1980 and 2015, the population increased by 128 percent. The county is expected to gain another 200,000 residents by 2035.

This explosive growth has placed increasing demands on I-5, SR 529 and SR 528/4th Street in Marysville. All of these roadways provide vital commuter and freight connections between Everett and Marysville.

SR 529 interchange improvements
To help ease congestion, WSDOT will improve the interchange by adding new connections between I-5 and SR 529 in Everett. Building new SR 529 ramps will provide more options for drivers getting in and out of Marysville. Some traffic will shift from using the SR 528/4th Street interchange to the new ramps on SR 529. Other benefits include improved access to the city's center, reduced traffic on I-5 north of SR 529, and reduced traffic conflicts with the BNSF railroad crossing on SR 528 at Cedar Avenue.

Currently there is a southbound I-5 exit to SR 529. We will add a northbound exit to SR 529. In addition, a ramp from SR 529 to southbound I-5 will be built to complement the existing ramp from SR 529 to northbound I-5.

I-5 peak-use shoulder lane
WSDOT will add a northbound peak-use shoulder lane between Everett and Marysville.

More than 65,000 vehicles use this section of the highway on weekdays. More than 5,000 vehicles are jammed into the three northbound lanes during the peak of the afternoon commute, creating significant congestion.

A northbound peak-use shoulder lane will help alleviate some of the congestion by adding a fourth lane to help move more vehicles between Everett and Marysville. The additional lane will operate in a similar manner as the shoulder on the eastbound US 2 trestle and the northbound peak-use shoulder on I-405 between SR 527 and I-5.

The End Result
Better connections between I-5 and SR 529 in Marysville and an extra northbound travel lane for use during peak commute hours.  

Needs & benefits

The project will benefit drivers by:

  • Providing a full interchange to improve traffic flow and increase the connections between SR 529 and I-5 in Marysville.
  • Provide a northbound peak-use shoulder lane between Everett and Marysville to help ease congestion and improve traffic flow during the afternoon commute.


  • 2015: The Washington State Legislature approves funding in the Connecting Washington transportation package.
  • 2017 - 2019: Project design.
  • 2020: Construction begins.
  • 2022: Construction complete.


Financial Data for PIN 100549B
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $0
CWA $84,400
Total $84,400


Jennifer Rash
WSDOT Communications

A small map that shows the primary project area for peak use shoulder lanes between Everett and Marysville and an improved interchange at I-5 and SR 529 in Marysville.