Multimodal Planning

Community Engagement Plan (pdf 2.4 mb)
WSDOT's Community Engagement Plan, updated December 2016.

Washington Transportation Plan
WSDOT's 2018 update to the Washington Transportation Plan (WTP), the long-range statewide transportation plan.

Washington Transportation Policy Plan
The Washington Transportation Commission's transportation policy plan, 2040 and Beyond, is for all of Washington State. It provides the overarching framework for transportation departments statewide, so that we can work together to achieve our transportation goals.

Modal plans

Aviation, Ferries, Rail, Freight, Bicycle and Pedestrian, Highway System Plan, Statewide Public Transportation Plan

Current Plans and Planning Studies
Published within the last three years. For older documents, please check the planning studies archive or contact us.

City and County Planning Assistance
Development and implementation of planning policies, guidance and community planning resources

State Planning and Research 2019-2021 Biennium Work Program (pdf 1.4 mb)

Tribal and Regional Coordination
MPO/RTPO Program Management, Tribal and Regional Coordination, Outreach, and Support

Transportation Data and GIS
Spatial data and analysis, application development, technical support, GIS training

Multimodal planning tools

Context and Modal Accommodation Report (docx 204 kb) -Formerly the Context Documentation Package

Context and Modal Accommodation Report Learner's Guide (pdf 784 kb) -Formerly the CDP Learner's Guide

For more information contact:
Kerri Woehler, Multimodal Planning Division Director, 360-705-7151
Bill Bennion, Communications & Engagement Planner, 360-705-7968