SR 16 Study

SR 16 – Tacoma Narrows Bridge to SR 3 Congestion Study


Thanks to all those who participated in this study's online and in-person open houses. The online open house has now closed. After considering public feedback, WSDOT is now in the process of developing final recommendations to help address the needs of this critical corridor. 

Learn more about the study below, or view the results of the online survey (pdf 2 mb) conducted in May 2017 about traveling the State Route 16 corridor.

Learn more about the results of the online and in-person open house events (pdf 912 kb) held in October and November 2017.

Study Purpose

SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge to SR 3 Congestion Study Map

In this study, WSDOT will examine traffic congestion along State Route 16 between the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and Gorst, as well as portions of SR 3 and SR 304 in Pierce and Kitsap counties. The project will investigate how to manage current and future travel in the corridor using strategies identified through the Practical Solutions planning approach. Practical Solutions is a performance-based approach to transportation decision-making.

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Needs & Benefits

The study will summarize existing and future conditions in the corridor -- such as congested areas -- based on data and stakeholder input. This study will propose short-, mid-, and long-term strategies to improve travel.

The strategies to improve travel in the corridor could include:

  • Operational improvements
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements
  • Transportation demand management
  • Transit, freight, bicycle, or pedestrian improvements
  • Enhancements to roadway configuration
  • Education and enforcement


WSDOT, working with stakeholders, will identify congested areas along the SR 16 corridor and recommend suitable strategies to meet current and future travel needs. This study is anticipated to be completed during winter 2018.

The End Result

The study will conclude with a range of strategies to improve travel in the corridor. The study report with recommended strategies will guide WSDOT moving forward in identifying future solutions.


The SR 16, Tacoma Narrows Bridge to SR 3, Congestion Study is funded by Connecting Washington, a funding package passed by the Washington Legislature in 2015.


January - April 2017:     Understand existing conditions and corridor needs, public opinion survey

May - September 2017:     Develop and model strategies to improve travel

October - December 2017:    Hold public meetings to gather input on strategies, evaluate strategies

January - March 2018:     Develop final recommendations

SR 16 TNB to SR 3 Study Timeline and Milestones.  There are five stages with key milestones and meetings at each stage. The five stages shown are define the vision and goals, collect data, develop scenarios, evaluate scenarios and recommend strategies.

SR 16 Congestion Study Timeline document (55.3 KB pdf) 


Dennis Engel, Planning Manager

Nazmul Alam, Study Lead

Claudia Bingham Baker, Communications Manager