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Presentations from the Conference

*Most of the presentations are in PowerPoint and must be saved to your computer to view.
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Monday, July 16

Chris Christopher Welcome to Seattle
Lacey V. Murrow They called him "The Skipper"
John Conrad Strategic Highway Research Program
Linea Laird Alaskan Way Viaduct (pdf 1mb)
CA Pavement Preserv. Center Improvements in Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal Application
DBi Services Partnering in Maintenance Services
David W. Wemhoff Equipment Mechanic Training and Certification
DBi Services Use of AVL, GIS and GPS
Meridian Environmental Tech. Connecting AVL, GPS MDSS and ITS
Michael J. Markow Performance-Based Maintenance & Operations Management
Maryland State Highway Best Practices in Highway Maintenance Performance Measuring
NCAT NCAT Update & Pavement Testing
Meridian Environmental Tech. Decision Support Technologies & Maintenance Management
NCHRP NCHRP Update Report
Survey Results & Discussion RSL = 0

Tuesday, July 17

University of Patras, Greece An Optimization Model for Pavement Maintenance
Stephen R. Mueller FHWA Report
Richard Baker High Friction Surfacing Treatment (YouTube video)
Dave Wieder Successful Strategies for Motorcyclist Safety
Kathryn Zimmerman Peer Exchange and Domestic Scan Results
David Wieder Colorado's Energy Saving Measures
ODOT Structural Health Monitoring Program
FHWA Sustainable Highways Program and INVEST

Wednesday, July 18

NYDOT Bridge Maintenance, Inspection and Management
Colorado State University Determining the Items that Structure Bridge Management Components
Paul D. Thompson Bridge Element Deterioration and Life Expectancy
Mn/DOT New Integrated Bridge Maintenance, Inspection & Management
Univ. of Wisconsin & NJDOT Level of Service Ranking
Paul J. Carlson Wet Night Visibility of Pavement Markings
Intl Municipal Signal Assoc. Developing an Effective Traffic Control Devices & Lighting
Soil Nail Laucher, Inc. Are Demonstration Projects Worthwhile?
Paul Pisano Road Weather Guidance
Rico Barogo Roadway Maintenance Management Concepts
NCDOT Sustainable Rest Area

Thursday, July 19

Dye Management Group, Inc. Crossing State Lines
AASHTO Freight, Energy and the SCOM
AASHTO Moving Ahead for Progress - MAP 21
Promo Why Vermont Video (must have QuickTime)
Promo Lake Champlain - Vermont Video (must have Windows Media Player)
Promo Welcome to Vermont


Technical Working Group

Technical Working Group Reports
Equipment TWG
1st Meeting
2nd Meeting
3rd Meeting
TSP - 2 Update
NPPC Conference Update