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Debbie Clemen
Senior Planner / Peninsula RTPO Coordinator
WSDOT, Olympic Region Multimodal Planning


(360) 704-3204

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5720 Capitol Boulevard
Tumwater, WA 98504
PO Box 47440
Olympia, WA 98504-7440

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The Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization is . . .

the Regional Transportation Planning Organization for Clallam, Jefferson, Mason and Kitsap Counties, located in Northwestern Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. We are a voluntary association of cities, towns, counties, ports, tribes, transit agencies and major employers that work together to develop transportation plans designed to meet the region's future economic and population growth.

Human Services Plan


The Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization Goals to Promote Regional Transportation System Efficiency

Preservation / Sustainability
Fund projects to maintain the Peninsula Region's existing transportation system and protect investments that have already been made

Fund projects, which reduce accidents such as passing and climbing lanes

Economic Development / Freight Mobility
Fund projects and sub regional studies which promote greater freight mobility on major regional corridors

Fund projects which encourage greater regional transportation linkages such as transit, bike/pedestrian, etc. that promotes other modes of travel

Mobility / Reducing Congestion
Fund projects and studies which reduce bottlenecks and chokepoints to reduce congestion along the Peninsula Region's major corridors