Frequently Asked Questions about Local Agency GSPs

What are Local Agency Approved GSPs?

The Local Agency GSPs are General Special Provisions, available for your use on any project. They address issues and needs applicable to local agencies and/or smaller projects, when the WSDOT Standard Specifications or GSPs are not appropriate.

(Years ago, there was a "Division 1-99 APWA Supplement" bound within the Standard Specifications book - it had to be used in its entirety, or not at all. That Supplement was replaced by the Local Agency GSP resource.) These GSPs are complementary to, and supplement, the Standard Specifications, and the Amendments to the Standard Specifications. The numbering system corresponds to that in the Standard Specifications.

These GSPs are formulated by the APWA Div. 1 subcommittee, in response to Local Agency needs and ideas. Drafts are offered for review to our extensive local agency mailing list. Once posted on the website, they are available for use on locally-funded projects. The Subcommittee then asks the WSDOT Highways and Local Programs Office to obtain approval from the FHWA to use on FHWA-funded projects - such approval is only rarely withheld.

How does this help me, as a Local Agency?

On FHWA funded projects, Division 1 Special Provisions are allowed only under rare circumstances, with prior approval. Using these Local Agency GSPs - already approved by FHWA - gives you many more choices.

Even on locally funded projects, you will have a library of well written, tested specifications from which to choose.

You may pick and choose which APWA GSPs to use.

Multiple Options for one GSP are available to choose from (see 1-04.6 for example).

Whenever possible, we have crafted GSPs with "fill-ins", so you have the most options possible to tailor the GSP to the needs of your agency and project, even with FHWA funding.

How are the GSPs kept current, and also compatible with the latest WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications and Amendments?

These GSPs are kept concurrent and useful by the APWA Division 1 subcommittee - a standing committee whose sole responsibility is to track "General Conditions" issues, and to keep the GSPs up to date with the latest Standard Specifications, Amendments, and WSDOT GSPs, as well as responsive to the issues of the day.

  • We meet five times per year as a group, and also research and write GSPs throughout the year.
  • We update, revise, and add GSPs in a timely, responsive fashion - based on your needs and input.

How may I contribute my ideas and opinions?

We encourage and value your input! Contact the APWA Division 1 subcommittee at any time with a concern, an idea, or a proposed GSP. Just call or e-mail the committee chair to be added to our e-mailing list, or with suggestions:

Kristina Nelson, (360) 337-4891, E-mail

Visit the APWA Division 1 Subcommittee Website for more information on getting involved, and many specifications resources and links: