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State Route Web Tool (SRweb)

The State Route Web Tool (SRweb) is an application that allows users to view digital images of the Washington State Highway System via their web browser. It provides users with the ability to view portions of the Washington State Highway Log with images at each of the milepost locations.



For first time users: There is an SRweb User Instruction (pdf 1.12mb) guide that will assist you in getting started with the application.

With the SRweb Tool you can click the milepost of interest, and an image appears for that specified location. The image (milepost location) can then be advanced by clicking the "Forward" and "Backward" buttons, essentially enabling you to 'drive' the highway. It is also possible to "skim" a route by setting the "jump" value from 1/100th of a mile to any multiple of 1/100th. The SRweb images database is updated every other year.




If you need assistance please email SRweb Support or call 360-570-2426.






State Route Web (SRweb) Disclaimer:
SRweb mileposting may not always be reflective of the State Highway Log mileposting. Some of the reasons attributed to this could include vehicle drift, divided highways, camera perspective and equipment limitations. These digital views are not created from a driver's perspective and do not reflect how these locations actually appear. WSDOT technology and the PC system setup of the user will affect these views. The images provided are for information purposes only. Unauthorized attempts to alter or modify these views are prohibited by law.