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The WSDOT Online Map Center in ArcGIS Online is an interactive web mapping site that provides access to state transportation data, maps, and map applications. The purpose of the Online Map Center is to provide access to and promote the use of transportation-related geospatial resources. These resources are intended to help citizens better understand the state transportation system and make more informed decisions.

The WSDOT Online Map Center is powered by ArcGIS Online for Organizations, and can be viewed on any web browser.


What can I find in the Online Map Center?
The Online Map Center provides easy access to map data layers, links to custom map applications and PDF maps. Look for the WSDOT logo on an item’s thumbnail, which will indicate authentic WSDOT content. Examples of the content you can discover include:


How do I find content?
Click on Gallery at the top of the Online Map Center page for a list of all publically available content, or click in the search window to do a key word search of the entire site.

When searching for content, look for the WSDOT logo in the thumbnail to ensure that you are accessing WSDOT authored datasets.


How can I provide feedback about the Online Map Center?
We welcome feedback. Please email your comments to WSDOT Online Map Support.



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