Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan

What’s happening now?

  • This summer, Washington State Ferries (WSF) convened advisory groups representing ferry rider groups and local agencies to provide input on the Long Range Plan.
  • We are hiring a consultant to write the plan.
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Overview and benefits

  • WSF is developing a Long Range Plan to plan for the future of the ferry system through 2040. The plan will:   
    • Consider demographic trends and ridership forecasts
    • Look at the condition of the ferry fleet, terminals, and access to them
    • Evaluate our work force and operations
    • Identify opportunities to use new technology and prepare for climate change
    • Review and update performance measures


  • The 2009 Long Range Plan presented a vision for the future of the ferry system. What have we accomplished?
    • Studied and launched vehicle reservations
    • Improved customer web experience for easier trip planning
    • Started construction on the new Mukilteo ferry terminal and Colman Dock
    • Implemented pricing strategies to maximize use of vehicles space
    • Built six new ferries with the next Olympic Class ferry scheduled for completion in 2018


  • Summer 2017
    • Kickoff advisory groups
    • Confirm scope of the plan
    • Begin community engagement 
  • Fall 2017
    • Forecast ridership
    • Advisory group meetings
  • Winter 2018
    • Develop plan strategy and hire consultant team
    • Advisory group meeting​
  • Spring 2018
    • Analyze plan options
    • Advisory group meetings
    • Community meetings
  • Summer/Fall 2018
    • Draft plan
    • Advisory group meetings
    • Community meetings
    • Deliver progress report to legislature
  • January 2019
    • Deliver final plan to legislature by January 1 

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