No fares are collected at Vashon Island, while passenger and vehicle/driver fares are collected at Southworth.

Fare DescriptionQuantityCost
Adult (age 19 - 64) No Charge
Senior (age 65 & over) / Disability No Charge
Youth (age 18 and under) No Charge
Multi-Ride Commuter Card 10 Ride $52.40
WSF Monthly Pass 31 Ride $83.85
Bicycle Surcharge Only (19 and over) No Charge
Vehicle, Motorcycle, and Stowage Fares
Vehicle Under 14' (less than 168”) & Driver No Charge
Vehicle Under 22' (standard veh) & Driver No Charge
Vehicle U14' (less than 168") & Sr/Disability Driver No Charge
Vehicle U22' (standard veh) & Sr/Disability Driver No Charge
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Vehicle U14' & Driver 10 Ride $142.45
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Vehicle U22' & Driver 10 Ride $180.80
Motorcycle & Driver / Stowage Fare No Charge
Motorcycle & Senior/Disability Driver / Stowage Fare No Charge
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Motorcycle & Driver 10 Ride $78.10
Vehicle Length-Based
Vehicle Under 30' Under 7'2 in. No Charge
Vehicle Under 30' Over 7'2 in. No Charge
Vehicle Under 40' No Charge
Vehicle Under 50' No Charge
Vehicle Under 60' No Charge
Vehicle Under 70' No Charge
Vehicle Under 80' No Charge
Cost per foot over 80' No Charge

Estimated Total

Wave2Go Online Ticketing System
* The pricing for these items is unrelated to direction of travel. ReValue versions of these products are available only in the Wave2Go store. Some terminals without Tollbooths or Kiosks have no provisions for their purchase. The WSF Monthly Pass is available at our Kiosk locations, Tollbooths or the Wave2Go store. General Fare Information will give you an overview of WSF Fares. Click on Form of Payment for WSF Tollbooths for more information.