How to apply: instructional videos

As part of the enterprise wide system for Washington State agencies, WSDOT uses the Online Recruiting System (ORLS) a web-based tool powered by NEOGOV.

To help with those who are interested in employment with WSDOT. We have developed instructional videos on how to create a NEOGOV profile, how to apply for a WSDOT position, how to read a WSDOT job announcement and an overview of our recruitment process.

How to create a Neogov profile

Get Neogov

Instructional video on how to develop a Neogov profile. The video explains the profile process screen by screen (i.e., general information, uploading your work experience, uploading references, etc.), focusing on specific areas of the process.

How to apply for WSDOT jobs using Neogov

Apply with Neogov

Instructional video on how to apply for a position at WSDOT using the NeoGov system. Content examples include signing in to your Neogov profile, finding the position you would like to apply for, reviewing and updating work experience and references if needed, answering any supplemental questions, and submitting.

How to read a WSDOT job announcement

Job announcements

Instructional video on how to read WSDOT job announcements, giving guidance on specific areas to pay close attention to (i.e., "The ideal candidate will have...the candidate will do the following...") so that your resume and cover letter are tailored to these areas. This video also provides an overview of the description, benefits and supplemental tabs.

The WSDOT recruitment process

Recruitment process

This video provides an overview and steps of the recruitment process.

  1. Applicant applies for position
  2. Recruiter receives application in Neogov
  3. Recruitment closes
  4. Recruiters assess application for minimum qualifications
  5. Applications are referred to hiring manager for review
  6. Hiring manager and/or committee reviews application for interview