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BridgeLink™ Download Center

Press the "Download Now" button to get BridgeLink.

Special Instructions for TxDOT Users

The Texas Department of Transportation would like TxDOT consultants to download BridgeLink from http://www.txdot.gov/business/contractors_consultants/engineering_software.htm. The TxDOT distribution has been customized for TxDOT work.

Special Instructions for other DOT/Agency Users

We get many inquiries regarding BridgeLink/PGSuper/PGSplice support for other DOTs/Agencies. The standard version of the software can be configured to support any DOT/Agency with custom girders, project criteria, etc, however, WSDOT does not provide configurations for other DOTs/Agencies. BridgeSight Inc has developed an enhanced version of BridgeLink/PGSuper/PGSplice which supports configurations for many DOTs/Agencies including Oregon, Idaho, Caltrans, Illinois, and Florida. Please contact BridgeSight Inc for assistance.

Source Code

The source code for BridgeLink and all of its component applications is available on GitHub

Version BridgeLink™
Current Version: 8.0.4
April 05, 2024
Executable Program

  • Click for Archive Version Download(s)

  • Minimum Requirements
    • Windows 10
    • Works best with large monitors (24" minimum)

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