My Workbench

Workbench helps harness content-focused features in one unified user interface. The goal is that you do not need to learn Drupal in order to add content to the site.


My Content

On the My content tab, you can see three areas:

  • My Profile
  • My Edits
  • All Recent Content

This is your content dashboard. As soon as you Add or edit content, it will be displayed in the My Edits block.

Drupal admin workbench

Notice the sub tabs:

  • My Edits
  • All Recent Content

These go to full page lists with filters available to shorten the list of content. You can filter the list by:

  • Title (keywords)
  • Type (Content type)
  • Published (status of the content)
  • Sections (of the site)
  • Items per page (defaults to 25)

Any lists of content include column labels which can sort the current list. Each item in the list links to the full content or you can click edit to start editing.

Create Content

Select the Create content tab to view a list of content types you have permission to create.

Drupal admin workbench create

Initially, the only content type you have permissions to is the News Article. You use the News Article content type for your press releases.

File List

Select the File list tab to view all files that have been uploaded to the site. You will have to scroll the screen to the left to view all the columns.

Drupal admin workbench files

You can filter the list of available files by entering keywords into the File name field and clicking the Apply button.

My Sections

Select the My sections tab to view the editorial groups you belong to. 

Drupal admin workbench sections

You may edit any content in these sections and their children.

My Drafts

Select the My drafts tab to view any content your have created that is not published.

Drupal admin workbench drafts

News Review

Select the Needs review tab to view any content that you can moderate.

Drupal admin workbench needs review