What is Drupal?

Drupal is a word you may have heard but aren’t sure what it is. We are switching away from our current Content Management System (or CMS) to this new one, called Drupal. Eventually, this system is what we will use to manage all of our web pages, images, PDFs and everything else we have online.

When will I use it?

There is no set timeline for transferring content from CMS to Drupal. We are currently focused on moving the publically available site (everything in www.wsdot.wa.gov) into Drupal. Once that is complete, we will begin moving the intranet site (wwwi.wsdot.wa.gov) over.

Learn to use Drupal

If you are currently a content editor and working on updating your site to our new web standards to prepare for our overall redesign, you will most likely continue to do so with the new system.

During our hour (to two, depending on size) class you will learn how to:

  • Follow our web standards and the User-Centered Design Process
  • Login with your Drupal username and password
  • Create and edit web pages
  • Upload and manage images, graphics and documents

Please contact Alex Kocik to sign up for a class or to answer any other questions you may have.


Training materials

Our online Drupal guide contains information that both content editors and communicators will find useful including adding and editing content, including documents, images and news releases.

Guidance and standards for working in our Drupal content management system. These are no longer available in PDF formats on the website, but on this page instead.

Workbench helps harness content-focused features in one unified user interface. The goal is that you do not need to learn Drupal in order to add content to the site.