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Restrictions for Oversize/Overweight Motor Vehicles

Oversize/Overweight Restrictions
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I-82, MP: 32 to 33, Direction: W
Date Updated: 3/2/2021 10:39 AM
Original Date: 3/15/2021

"WB I-82, mileposts 32-33. Lane closures may occur anytime outside of the hours of 11am-7PM, Mon-Thurs and 7AM-7PM Friday. EB and WB shoulder closures may occur at anytime."
I-90, MP: 152 to 151.1, Direction: W
Date Updated: 2/26/2021 10:17 AM
Original Date: 6/7/2021

Due to bridge work taking place on I-90 WB between mileposts 152 - 151.1, no loads over 10 feet wide. Loads exceeding 10 feet wide will be detoured by way of exit 151 on I-90, will then turn right on SR-281 Spur and then left to the on-ramp back to I-90 WB. Detour signs will be in place.
I-90, MP: 151.7, Direction: E
Date Updated: 2/26/2021 9:01 AM
Original Date: 5/24/2021

The I-90 Eastbound on-ramp access at milepost 151.7 from the SR-281 Spur and S Frontage Rd will be closed due to bridge work. Southbound SR 281 traffic that are wanting to go EB on I-90 will use George access (MP 149.78) by staying on SR 281 and not turning onto SR-281 Spur to access I-90. Any traffic that uses SR-281 Spur and wants to access EB I-90 will then follow detour signs and use S Frontage road for 2 miles to get on EB I-90 at George access. Southbound SR-283 traffic that are wanting to go EB on I-90 will follow detour signs and use Frontage road for 2 miles to access I-90 at George access.
US 97, MP: 159.3 to 159.75, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 2/19/2021 4:45 PM
Original Date: 2/19/2021

Loads greater than legal weight: Northbound US 97 at MP 159.3, no crossing the centerline. Southbound US 97 at MP 159.75, requires 3 pilots, must travel in opposite lane (NB lane) through work zone. Must use certified traffic control prior to entering the work zone to stop oncoming traffic.
US 97, MP: 159.3 to 159.75, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 2/19/2021 10:18 AM
Original Date: 2/19/2021

Advanced Notice Starting March 15, 2021 - (7 days per Week, 24 hours per day) Northbound: No loads over 10' wide, Southbound: No loads over 11' wide. Special arrangements on a case by case basis may be made by contacting Wenatchee DOT Office (509-667-2881) a minimum 2 weeks prior.
US 2, MP: 140 to 148, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 2/2/2021 10:06 AM
Original Date: 2/2/2021

US-2 is closed from milepost 140.0, near Orondo, to milepost 148.0, just west of Waterville due a rock slide in Pine Canyon. There is no detour available and no estimated time for reopening.
SR 203, MP: 8.7 to 8.22, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 2/21/2020 8:28 AM
Original Date: 2/21/2020

SR-203 between Stillwater Hill Rd & NE 88th St. will be closed 24/7 to all oversized traffic. Legal loads only until further notice. A temporary signal is in place. NB & SB traffic is alternating in the NB lane of SR-203 just south of NE Stillwater Hill Rd.
SR 823, MP: 3.15 to 4.5, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 1/8/2020 7:29 AM
Original Date: 1/8/2020

Oversize loads traveling on SR-823 between milepost 3.15 to 4.5 will be restricted to 10’ wide until further notice, due to bridge work.
Vertical Clearances are not available here,
please check the Vertical Clearance Map
Selah Creek Eastbound
Selah Creek Eastbound
Selah Creek Westbound (I-82)
Selah Creek Westbound
Indian John Hill Westbound (I-90)
Indian John Hill Westbound
Indian John Hill Eastbound (I-90)
Indian John Hill Eastbound
Ryegrass Eastbound (I-90)
Ryegrass Eastbound
Ryegrass Westbound (I-90)
Ryegrass Westbound
Winchester Eastbound (I-90)
Winchester Eastbound
Winchester Westbound (I-90)
Winchester Westbound
Bevin Lake (US 12)
Bevin Lake
Blue Lake (SR 17)
Blue Lake
Vernita (SR 24)
Quincy Valley (SR 28)
Quincy Valley
Travelers Rest (SR 906)
Travelers Rest
Iron Goat (US 2)
Iron Goat
Nason Creek (US 2)
Nason Creek
US 2, MP 118.46 No left turn allowed
SR 203, Milepost 0-18, both directions, No loads over 12' wide or 80' in length
SR 821, Milepost .29-25.21 NB and SB, No Trucks 5/15 - 9/15
SR 410, MP 57.67 to 70, WB and EB, No Trucks
SR 169, MP 5.2, 20,000 lb per axle limit
SR 165, MP 11.93, both directions, 21,500 lb axle limit
SR 165, MP 11.9, both directions, 20,000 lbs axle weight limit
SR 202, MP 26, both directions, 21,500 per axle weight limit
US 12 MP 138 to 166, Overwidth restrictions
US 12, MP 166 TO 185.46, Loads 14'-16' wide travel 11pm to 7am only
SR 10, MP 89.33 both directions-20,000 lbs limitation
SR 9, Milepost 10.87, both directions Weight limitation. Not on mainline
SR 243, Milepost 0-28.26 No loads over 16' wide, both directions
SR 123, MP 7.5 to 16.34- NB and SB, No Trucks
SR 165, Milepost 11.50-11.60, NB and SB, No loads over 12' wide.
SR 17 NB and SB, MP 75.27 to MP 96.57 - 12' wide restriction
SR 202, Milepost 21.8 to 26.1 both directions. No loads over 12' wide or 80' length
SR-10, MP 103.76 15' height restriction
SR 28, MP 63.39 WB & EB, 21,500 lb per axle limit
SR 2, MP 31.07 EB & WB 21,500 lb per axle limit
SR 12, MP 144.89 WB & EB, 18,000 lb per axle wt. limit
SR 202, MP 29.5; 21,500 lb per axle weight limit
SR 285, MP 4.36 SB, 19,000 lb per axle weight limit
US-2, MP 48.7 41,500 weight limit for SA
SR 153, MP 4.22 NB & SB, 18,000 lb per axle limit
Hwy 165, Milepost 11.50 Posted weight limits
SR 203, MP 0.24 20,000 lb per axle
US 97, MP 234.77 No axle to exceed 20,000 lbs
No axle to exceed 19,000 lbs
Legal loads only. Max weight 105,500 lbs
SR 823, MP 5 both directions. No loads over 12' wide
SR-823, Milepost 3.15 - 4.5, Both Directions, No loads over 10' wide
SR-203, Milepost 8.7 to 8.22, Both Directions, Legal Loads Only
US-2 MP 140.00 to 148.00 - Closed due to rock slide
US 97, MP 159-160 both directions. "Advanced Notice"
US 97 at MP 159.3 to 159.75
I-90 MP 151.7 EB On-ramp closure
I-90 MP 152 - 151.1 WB - No loads over 10 feet wide
I-82, WB MP 32-33 12' Wide restriction -Lane Closures

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