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The Central Sign Shop is located in South Central Region in Union Gap and is the only WSDOT sign fabrication shop in the state. We provide quality traffic signs not only for WSDOT, but for other state, federal and local agencies. In addition to traffic signs we can provide banners, name plaques, posters, stickers, maps, calendars or anything custom. 

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At this time, the Central Sign Shop is asking you to not use the Aluminum Sign Recycling and Refurbishing Services Agreement (Contract No. K1062) until further notice. Please use the existing Scrap Metal Collection and Recycling (Contract No. 00515) for all aluminum sign recycling needs. 

Since contract K1062 was implemented, it became apparent that the agreement was not providing the cost savings and materials tracking verification needed to make this agreement a success. 

Thank you for your cooperation in implementing this change. Please do not hesitate to contact Dave Fernald if you have questions. 

If we use separate bins for our steel, and aluminum scrap, while utilizing the existing Scrap Metal Collection and Recycling Contract (contract No. 00515), the State receives a much higher scrap price for the aluminum. 

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Contact Us
Dave Fernald -
Sign Shop Manager
(509) 577-1914

Susan Peterschick -
Procurement and Supply Specialist 2
(509) 577-1915

Denny Bowden -
Maintenance Specialist 3
(509) 577-1913