Aggregate Source Approval Report

Owner:  Rainier Resources, LLC                   Aggregate Source:  QS-B-332
Lessee:  Washington Rock Quarries Inc.                   Known as:  Kapowsin Quarry
Located in:  SW1/4 SE1/4 Section 5 T17N R5E                   County:  Pierce


Mineral Agg. and Surfacing:           Test Date: 12/12/2014              Expiration Date: 12/12/2019
Absorption: 1.55 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.714 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.645 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.605
Deg: 56 LA: 12


Currently approved as a source of aggregate for:
ATB Ballast BST Crushed Cover Stone
BST Crushed Screenings Crushed Surfacing Base Course Crushed Surfacing Key Stone
Crushed Surfacing Top Course Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class A HMA Other Courses
HMA Wearing Course Maintenance Rock Permeable Ballast

Acceptance tests need to be performed as necessary.
Portland Cement Concrete Aggregates:      Test Date: 01/05/2017              Expiration Date: 01/05/2022
ASR - 14 Day : 0.09 ASR - One Year: 0.02 CCA Absorption: 1.64 CCA Sp.G: 2.681
Deg: 51 FCA Absorption: FCA Organics: FCA Sp. G:
LA: 10

Remarks:    1-Year ASR Results for Coarse Concrete Aggregate 0.02% Expire 12/13/2022      

Currently approved for:
Coarse Concrete Aggregates
Acceptance tests need to be performed as necessary

NOT approved for:
Fine Concrete Aggregates

Riprap, Quarry Spalls, Rock for Rock Wall, Erosion and Scour Protection:          Test Date: 03/12/2019      Expiration Date: 03/12/2020
Absorption: 1.39 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.713 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.651 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.614
Deg: 57 LA: 15


Currently Approved for:
Quarry Spalls Riprap Rock for Erosion and Scour Protection
Rock for Rock Walls Stone 9-27.3(6)

Streambed Aggregates:       Test Date: 01/05/2017               Expiration Date: 01/05/2022
Absorption: 1.64 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.756 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.68 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.637
Deg: 51 LA: 10

Remarks:    Approved per OR RME - Naturally occuring water rounded aggregates      

Currently Approved for:
Streambed Aggregate

Gravel Borrow for Structural Earth Walls:       Test Date: 01/05/2017           Expiration Date: 01/05/2022
Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.681 Deg: 51 LA: 10

Remarks:    Contact RME to determine if Resistivity, pH, Chlorides, and Sulfates testing is required      

Currently Approved for:
Gravel Borrow for Str Earth Walls Gravel Borrow for Str Earth Walls

Project Engineer may request preliminary samples but Aggregate Source Approval is not required.

Aggregate for Gravel Base 9-03.10
Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class B 9-03.12(1)B
Gravel Backfill for Walls 9-03.12(2)
Gravel Backfill for Pipe Zone Bedding 9-03.12(3)
Gravel Backfill for Drains 9-03.12(4)
Gravel Backfill for Drywells 9-03.12(5)
Backfill for Sand Drains 9-03.13
Sand Drainage Blanket 9-03.13(1)
Gravel Borrow 9-03.14(1)
Select Borrow 9-03.14(2)
Common Borrow 9-03.14(3)
Native Material for Trench Backfill 9-03.15
Foundation Material Class A and B 9-03.17
Foundation Material Class C 9-03.18
Bank Run Gravel for Trench Backfill 9-03.19