Aggregate Source Approval Report

Owner:  Rainier Resources, LLC                   Aggregate Source:  QS-B-332
Lessee:  Washington Rock Quarries Inc.                   Known as:  Kapowsin Quarry
Located in:  SW1/4 SE1/4 Section 5 T17N R5E                   County:  Pierce


Mineral Agg. and Surfacing:           Test Date: 12/13/2019              Expiration Date: 12/13/2024
Absorption: 1.01 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.711 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.666 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.639
Deg: 59 LA: 14


Currently approved as a source of aggregate for:
ATB Ballast BST Crushed Cover Stone
BST Crushed Screenings Crushed Surfacing Base Course Crushed Surfacing Key Stone
Crushed Surfacing Top Course Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class A HMA Other Courses
HMA Wearing Course Maintenance Rock Permeable Ballast

Acceptance tests need to be performed as necessary.
Aggregates for Concrete:      Test Date: 02/10/2022              Expiration Date: 02/10/2027
ASR - 14 Day : ASR - One Year: 0.02 CCA Absorption: 1.27 CCA Sp.G: 2.657
Deg: 54 FCA Absorption: 1.62 FCA Organics: 1 FCA Sp. G: 2.618
LA: 15

Remarks:    1-Year ASR Results for Coarse Concrete Aggregate 0.02% Expire 12/13/2022      

Currently approved for:
Coarse Concrete Aggregates
Fine Concrete Aggregates
Acceptance tests need to be performed as necessary Acceptance tests need to be performed as necessary
Riprap, Quarry Spalls, Rock for Rock Wall, Erosion and Scour Protection:          Test Date: 06/06/2022      Expiration Date: 06/06/2023
Absorption: 1.11 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.754 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.702 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.672
Deg: 58 LA: 17


Currently Approved for:
Quarry Spalls Riprap Rock for Erosion and Scour Protection
Rock for Rock Walls Stone 9-27.3(6)

Streambed Aggregates:       Test Date: 03/28/2022               Expiration Date: 03/28/2027
Absorption: 1.37 Apparent Sp. G.: 2.767 Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.703 Bulk Sp. G.: 2.666
Deg: 54 LA: 18


Currently Approved for:
Streambed Aggregate

Gravel Borrow for Structural Earth Walls:       Test Date: 12/13/2019           Expiration Date: 12/13/2024
Bulk Sp. G. (SSD): 2.666 Deg: 59 LA: 14

Remarks:     For geosynthetic reinforcement, the gravel borrow shall be tested for pH prior to placement. For metallic reinforcement, the gravel borrow shall be tested for pH, resistivity, chlorides, and sulfates prior to placement. If the resistivity of the backfill material equals or exceeds 5,000 ohm-cm, the specified chloride and sulfate limits may be waived. If the aggregate source has variable quality, additional testing may be required. Contact the Regional Materials Engineer or the State Geotechnical Engineer for direction.       
Currently Approved for:
Gravel Borrow for Str Earth Walls

Project Engineer may request preliminary samples but Aggregate Source Approval is not required.

Aggregate for Gravel Base 9-03.10
Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class B 9-03.12(1)B
Gravel Backfill for Walls 9-03.12(2)
Gravel Backfill for Pipe Zone Bedding 9-03.12(3)
Gravel Backfill for Drains 9-03.12(4)
Gravel Backfill for Drywells 9-03.12(5)
Backfill for Sand Drains 9-03.13
Sand Drainage Blanket 9-03.13(1)
Gravel Borrow 9-03.14(1)
Select Borrow 9-03.14(2)
Common Borrow 9-03.14(3)
Native Material for Trench Backfill 9-03.15
Foundation Material Class A and B 9-03.17
Foundation Material Class C 9-03.18
Bank Run Gravel for Trench Backfill 9-03.19
Commercial Concrete Aggregate 6-02.3(2)B