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Airport Investment Study

Airport Investment Study "Solutions Phase" kicks off May 2014

Airport Investment Study Solutions Phase

The Airport Investment Solutions Study is the second phase of the Airport  Investment Study. Its purpose is to identify and analyze potential solutions to meet Washington’s aviation system needs.

The first phase of the Airport Investment Study found that the state’s 134 public-use airports will need $3.6 billion in projects during the next 20 years. WSDOT’s Airport Aid Program provides an average of $1.1 million in state airport grants per year. During the 20-year study period the state grant program is forecasted to average $1.4 million per year. WSDOT estimates an average of $12 million per year is needed to meet the state’s portion of the overall $3.6 billion in project needs.

The “Solutions Phase” kicked off with an advisory committee meeting on May 28, 2014 at Boeing Field in Seattle. Rep. Gael Tarleton, representing the 36th District and Co-Chair of the Aviation Caucus, presented opening remarks that highlighted the important work of the advisory committee. WSDOT and consultant CH2M Hill presented the study and decision-making processes, and provided opportunities for feedback. The group also began initially brainstorming potential solutions.

WSDOT anticipates hosted a second advisory committee meeting in December in Seattle. The study concluded in June 2015.

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Final Report: Airport Investment Solutions

Cover and Table of Contents (pdf 2.4 mb)
Executive Summary (pdf 826 mb)
Introduction (pdf 307 kb)
Solutions Development and Screening (pdf 318 kb)
Solutions Analysis (pdf 318 kb)
Solutions Performance Analysis (pdf 1.9 mb)
List of Works Cited (pdf 92 kb)


Appendix  1 - Advisory Committee (pdf 327 kb)
Appendix  2 - Project Communications Plan (pdf 589 kb)
Appendix  3 - Advisory Committee Meeting (pdf 630 kb)
Appendix  4 - Initial Solutions (pdf 12.8 kb)
Appendix  5 - Preliminary Solutions (pdf 334 kb)
Appendix  6 - Solutions Screening Matrix (248 kb)
Appendix  7 - Initial Evaluation Criteria (pdf 344 kb)
Appendix  8 - Evaluation Criteria Prioritization (pdf 275 kb)
Appendix  9 - Evaluation Criteria Prioritization (pdf 320 kb)
Appendix 10 - Evaluation Criteria Weighting (pdf 259 kb)
Appendix 11 - Initial Evaluation Scoring (pdf 284 kb)
Appendix 12 - Initial Evaluation Weighting (pdf 284 kb)
Appendix 13 - State Legislative Process (pdf 291 kb)
Appendix 14 - Solutions Analysis Summarization (pdf 937 kb)
Appendix 15 - Solutions Comparison Assessment (pdf 338 kb)
Appendix 16 - List of Funded Projects (pdf 880 kb)
Appendix 17 - Analysis of Fuel Tax Exemptions (pdf 147 kb)

Airport Investment Study Phase I

The Washington State Department of Transportation spearheaded the Airport Investment Study to evaluate the need for preservation and safety projects at the state’s 134 public-use airports.

WSDOT invited representatives from commercial and general aviation; airport associations and organizations; airport sponsors; federal, state, and local agencies; and the airline, aerospace, emergency medical air transport and aerial agricultural industries to participate in the airport investment study. The study:

  • Evaluated current funding levels for airport preservation and safety projects
  • Assessed short-term and long-term airport improvement needs
  • Determined consequences of doing nothing in terms of economic and aviation system impacts  

The airport investment study kicked off in fall of 2013 with stakeholder meetings and concluded with the publication of a comprehensive report for future legislative sessions.

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Learn more about the second "Solutions" phase

Final Report: Airport Investment Study Reference Guide

Cover and Table of Contents (pdf 3575 kb)
Executive Summary (pdf 2251 kb)
Introduction (pdf 1585 kb)
Funding Airport Investments (pdf 4020 kb)
Airport Investment Needs (pdf 1197)
Consequences of Perpetuating Current Funding (pdf 3187)
List of Works Cited (pdf 583)


Appendix 01 - Study Committee (pdf 792 kb)
Appendix 02 - Communication Plan (791 kb)
Appendix 03 - Advisory Committee Notes (pdf 1074 kb)
Appendix 04 - State Legislative Process Summary (pdf 754 kb)
Appendix 05 - Conklin & deDecker - State Tax Data (pdf 836 kb)
Appendix 06 - NBAA - State Tax Data (pdf 922 kb)
Appendix 07 - Sample Airport Survey (pdf 915 kb)
Appendix 08 - Part 1 - Airport Survey Responses (pdf 4054 kb)
Appendix 08 - Part 2 - Airport Survey Responses (pdf 4480 kb)
Appendix 08 - Part 3 - Airport Survey Responses (pdf 4419 kb)
Appendix 09 - Study Derived Unit Costs (pdf 818 kb)
Appendix 10 - Study Derived Project Cost Estimates (pdf 1811 kb)
Appendix 11 - Sample Project Priority Score Calculation (pdf 902 kb)
Appendix 12 - Airport Capital Needs (pdf 1016 kb)
Appendix 13 - Estimated Needs Impact of Unreturned Surveys (pdf 772 kb)
Appendix 14 - List of Funded Projects (pdf 1160 kb)
Appendix 15 - City and County Sales Use Tax Rates (pdf 1038 kb)
Appendix 16 - Economic Impact / Tax Revenue Analysis (pdf 1512 kb)
Appendix 17 - Aviation-Related Activities Pairwise Comparison Analysis (pdf 858 kb)
Appendix 18 - Aviation-Related Activities Impact Analysis (pdf 1067 kb)
Appendix 19 - FAA Project Purpose Codes Pairwise Comparison Analysis (pdf 785 kb)
Appendix 20 - Airport Operations, Capacity, and Sustainability Impact Analysis (pdf 1314 kb)
Appendix 21 - Airport Response Compilation (pdf 1032 kb)

Airport Investment Study "Key Findings" folio

Advisory Committee Information

Meeting #1
Meeting Presentation (pdf 77 kb)
Meeting Summary (pdf 196 kb)
Oct. 30, 2013
9 a.m. to noon
King County International Airport/Boeing Field
7277 Perimeter Road
Seattle, WA 98108

Meeting #2
March 20, 2014
WSDOT Selah Maintenance Facility / Commercial Vehicle Permit Office
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
900 E Selah Road
Yakima, WA 98901

Solutions Phase - Meeting #1
May 28, 2014
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
King County International Airport/Boeing Field
7277 Perimeter Road
Seattle, WA 98108 

Solutions Phase - Meeting #2
Dec. 17, 2014
9 a.m. to noon
King County International Airport/Boeing Field
7277 Perimeter Road
Seattle, WA 98108

Advisory Committee brochure

Advisory Committee bios (pdf 724 kb)

WSDOT Project Team bios (pdf 73 kb)

Consultant Project Team bios (pdf 69 kb)

More information

Airport Investment Study folio
Airport Investment Study tackles funding options

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