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Washington State law, RCW 47.44 and WAC 468-34, grants WSDOT the authority to issue Utility Permits and Franchises for the occupancy of highway rights of way to the persons, associations, private or municipal corporations, the U.S. Government, or any agency for the purpose of constructing and maintaining lines for water, gas, electricity, telephone, telecommunications, etc.
Manuals, Tools and other resources

Accommodations (Permits & Franchises) Forms

Utility Accommodation Application (aka permit or franchise) 224-696 (pdf, 1.7mb) 
General Provisions for Utility Accommodation Application - 224-696GP (pdf, 135kb)
Utility Facility Description (xlsx 529 kb) 
Blanket Bond for Permit Franchise (doc 81 kb)
Individual Bond for Permit Franchise (doc 78 kb)
Escrow Agreement (pdf 37 kb)
Acceptance of Assignment - Transfer of ownership  (pdf 30 kb)
Utility Object Relocation Record (UORR) (xls, 26kb)
Category 4 Utility Installation (pdf, 703kb)
Taxpayer Identification Certification (pdf 102 kb)
JE notification (pdf 8 kb)  - South Central Region Only 
Above Ground Utility Object Classification Form (xls 27 kb)
Traffic Control Plan Checklist (pdf, 1.4mb) - Northwest Region Only
Notification of Maintenance Operations (pdf, 1mb) - Southwest Region Only

Accommodation Tools
Utility Facility Description (UFD) Checklist - Northwest Region (pdf 54 kb)
Limited Access-Master Plan (xls, 898kb)
Limited Access and Managed Access
TESC Requirements (Highway Runoff Manual Chapter 6)

Depth Requirements - Underground Encroachments (pdf 1.6 mb)
Casing Requirements - Utility Encasements (pdf 1.6 mb)
Utility information for bridges and structures (pdf 1.6mb)
Aerial Vertical Clearance
Open Cuts and trenching (pdf 1.6mb)

Variances  (Prior to filling out any variance form, contact your region's utility office)
Application for a New Connection to an Existing Shallow Depth Facility (docx, 44kb)
Application for Combined Variance (docx, 52kb)
Utility Object Relocation Record (UORR) (xls, 26kb)
Scenic Classification Variance Request Justification (doc, 166kb) 
Control Zone Variance Request Justification (docx, 287kb)
Limited Access Encroachment Variance Request Justification (docx 53kb)

Manuals, Tools and other resources
Utilities Accommodation Policy
Utilities Manual
Annual Traffic Report
Standard Specifications
State Highway Log
Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines
Order WSDOT Engineering Publications
Right of Way Plans Archive 
    Instructions (pdf 192kb)

Find the state route milepost for your project

State Route Web Tool (SRweb)
First time SRWeb user instructions

Geoportal - view WSDOT spatial data (like Functional Class, Interchange Drawings, City Limits and State Routes)

April 2019 Scenic Classification for Utility Accommodation on State Highway Right of Way (xlsx 205kb)
(Always check here to ensure you are using the most current version) 

Work Zone and Traffic Control
Utilities Manual Chapter 9 - Control Zone Guidelines (pdf 939 kb)
Work Zone Safety
Work Zone Traffic Control Plans Examples

Before you begin your project
Call Before You Dig - It's the Law
1-800-484-5555 or Dial 811
For online locates visit:

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