Seattle Area Cameras



S 375th St
I-5: Weigh Station
Enchanted Pkwy
I-5: SR 18 Interchange, W
I-5: SR 18 Interchange, S
I-5 / SR 18 Interchange
S 320th St
S 333rd St
S 320th St, Ramps
S 317th St
S 308th St
S 296th St
S 272nd St
S 288th St
S 260th St
S 248th St
I-5/SR 516 Interchange
S 216th St
S 200th St
S 188th St
S 178th St
Klickitat Rd
SR 518
S 144th St
I-5: SR 599 Interchange
Duwamish River
I-5: MLK Jr Way S
Boeing Access Rd, S
MLK Jr Way, N
S Benefit St
Boeing Access Rd North
I-5: S Rose St (Mid-Boeing Field)
S Henderson St
S Graham St
S Willow St
S Austin St
I5: S Webster St
Albro Pl
S Hudson St
I-5: S. Oregon St
Spokane St
S Ferdinand St
I-5: S. Court St
I-5: S. Forest St
S Walker St
S Holgate St
I-5/I-90 Interchange (8th Ave S)
Judkins St
S Dearborn St
Columbia St Express Lanes
5th Ave/Cherry
Seneca St
Madison St Express Lanes
Marion St
5th Ave/Columbia
9th Ave at Pike
Pike St, NB
Pike St, SB
Pike St/9th Ave
Union St Express Lanes
University St, NB
University St Ramp
University St, SB
Seneca St Express Lanes
Yesler Way
Pine St
Pike St Express Lanes
Howell St
Pike Express Lanes Ramp
Stewart/Eastlake Ramp
Mercer St Ramps
Mercer St NB Ramp
I-5: Denny Way
I-5 at John St Express Lanes
I-5 at Mercer St Express Lanes
Lakeview Express Lanes
Boylston Ave
Mercer St
Roanoke St
I-5: Ship Canal Bridge
Roanoke St Express Lanes
Eastlake Ave Express Lanes
Ship Canal Express Lanes
7th Ave & 42nd
NE 40th St Express Lanes
NE 42nd St Ramp
NE 45th St
NE 50th St
Lake City Way
I-5: Lake City Way Express Lanes
I-5: NE 77th St
N 92nd St
NE 80th St Express Lanes
NE 85th St
N Northgate Way
NE 107th St
1st Ave & 103rd
NE 103rd Express Lanes Ramp
NE 120th St
NE 117th St
NE 130th St
NE 145th St
N Metro Base
NE 175th St, NB
NE 175th St
NE 195th St
NE 205th St
228th St SW
236th St SW
220th St SW
212th St SW
196th St SW
44th Ave W
186th St SW
164th St SW
I-5/I-405 Interchange (Alderwood)
164th St, Ramp
Ash Way
134th St SW
148th St SW
128th St SW
112th St SW, SB
112th St SW, NB
118th St SW
106th St SW
I-5/SR 526 Interchange
Everett Mall Way
77th St SE
Broadway SB Ramp
73rd St SE, NB
73rd St SE, SB
47th St SE
52nd St SE
60th St SE, SB
61st St SE, NB
40th St
41st St
43rd St SE
36th St
Pacific Ave
I-5 / US 2 Interchange
Everett Ave
Marine View Dr
15th St
I-5: 26th St NE
I-5: 12th St NE
37th St NE
I-5: SR 529
I-5: SR 528
72nd St NE
I-5: 88th St NE
101st Pl NE
I-5: 117th St NE
I-5: 116th St NE
I-5: 128th St NE
I-5: 136th St NE
I-5: 144th St NE
I-5: 156th St NE
I-5: SR 531
I-5: 184th St NE
I-5: 200th St NE


Andover Park W
Longacres Dr
I-405: West Valley Hwy (SR 181)
I-405/SR 167 Interchange
Oaksdale Ave
I-405: Talbot Rd S
S 10th St
S 5th St
S 3rd St
I-405: Sunset Blvd
I-405/SR 169 Interchange
NE Park Dr
NE 30th St
NE 24th St
NE 44th St
SE 64th St
I-405: SE 71st St
SE 59th St
112th Ave SE
Coal Creek Pkwy
SE 45th St
SE 40th St
I-90/I-405 Interchange (Factoria)
I-90 I/C SE Quad
I-90 Interchange, NW Quadrant
Richards Rd
SE 19th St, NB
I-405: SE 8th St
I-405: SE 20th St, SB
I-405: SE 20th St, NB
SE 9th Pl
I-405: NE 8th St
Main St
NE 10th St
NE 9th St
NE 22nd St
NE 20th St
NE 4th St
NE 14th St
NE 6th St
I-405/SR 520 Interchange
NE 59th St
NE 40th St
I-405: NE 70nd Pl
NE 85th St
I-405: NE 75th St
NE 116th St, SPUI
NE 116th St
NE 100th St
I-405: NE 124th St
NE 128th St
NE 132nd St
NE 144th St
NE 160th St
I-405: SR 522 Interchange
NE 195th St
232nd St SE
236th St SE, SB
236th St SE, NB
SR 527, Westside
SR 527, Median
216th St SE
202nd St SE NB
204th St SE, SB
213th St SE
I-405: Filbert Rd
I-405: Damson Rd
I-5/I-405 Interchange (Alderwood)


Airport Way, VMS
NB I-5 to EB I-90 Ramp
3rd Ave S
Corwin Pl S
8th Ave S, EB
4th Ave S, EB
12th Ave S, EB
12th Ave S, WB
Airport Way, WB
23rd Ave S
18th Ave S (Near Rainier Ave)
Rainier Ave S
Floating Bridge, West Highrise
East Portal, Mt Baker Tunnel
Floating Bridge, East Highrise
I-90 Bridge Midspan
76th Ave SE
77th Ave SE
W Mercer Way
80th Ave SE
I-90: Island Crest Way Arterial
ICW Tunnel
I-90: Shorewood
I-90: Island Crest Way
I-90: Shorewood West
I-90: E Mercer Way
N Mercer Wy
108th Ave SE
Barnabie Pt
118th Ave SE
I-90: Bellevue Way SE
142nd Pl SE
I-90: 133rd Ave SE
161st Ave SE
150th Ave SE
I-90: 163rd Ave SE
I-90: W Lk Sammamish Pkwy
192nd Ave SE
I-90: SR 900 Interchange
I-90: Front St
Front St EB Ramp
246th Ave SE, WB
246th Ave SE, EB
I-90: Sunset Way
256th Ave SE
284th Ave SE
I-90: SR 18
SR 18 @ I-90 EB Ramps

US Highways

US 2

I-5 / US 2 Interchange
US 2: Homeacres Rd
US 2: SR 204 Interchange
US 2: Ebey Slough
US 2: Bickford Ave
US 2: SR 9 Interchange
Fryelands Blvd/ Roosevelt Rd SE
US 2/SR 522
179th Ave SE
Kelsey St
Lewis St (SR 203)
Main St

State Highways

SR 9

SR 522: SR 9
SR 9: SR 524
SR 9: 228th St SE
SR 9: 201st St SE
SR 9: 194th St SE
SR 9: 180th St SE
SR 9: 188th St SE
SR 9: 176th St SE
SR 9: 164th SE
SR 9: 152nd SE
SR 9: Cathcart Way
SR 9: 124th St SE
SR 9: Lowell-Larimer Rd
SR 9: Marsh Rd
SR 9: Harvey Field
SR 9: 32nd St SE
SR 9: SR 204
SR 9: Lundeen Pkwy
SR 9: Soper Hill Rd
SR 9: SR 92
SR 9: 84th St NE

SR 18

SR 18 @ I-5
I-5 / SR 18 Interchange
SR 18: Weyerhaeuser Way
42nd Ave S
Peasley Canyon Rd
SR 18: West Valley Hwy
SR 18: SR 167 Interchange
SR 18: C St
SR 18: Auburn Way
SR18: SE 304th St
SR 516 at SR 18
206th Ave SE
SR 18: SE 231st St
SR 18: SR 169 Interchange
SE 221st St
236th Ave SE
SR 18: 244th Ave SE
SE 202nd St
SE 196th St
SR 18: Tiger Mountain
SR 18: I-90 EB Ramps

SR 96

3rd Ave SE
Dumas Rd
25th Ave SE
35th Ave SE
Seattle Hill Rd

SR 99

SR 99 at SR 516
SR 99: S 154th St
SR 518: SR 99 Interchange
SR 99: SR 599 Interchange
S 102nd St
Des Moines Memorial Dr
S Cloverdale St
S Holden St
SR 99: W Marginal Way
SR 99: S Michigan St
SR 99: S Atlantic St
SR 99: S Dearborn St
Lincoln Wy
Gibson Rd
SR 525: SR 99 Interchange

SR 104

SR 104 near 100th Ave W
N 205th St
Meridian Ave
19th Ave NE
35th Ave NE
SR 522: SR 104

SR 161

SR 161: 19th Way S

SR 167

SR 167: Ellingson Rd, S
SR 167: Ellingson Rd, N
SR 167: Ellingson Rd, NB
SR 167: S 346th St
SR 167: S 353rd St
SR 167: 15th St SW, West
SR 167: 15th St SW, East
SR 167: 13th St NW
SR 167: W Main St
SR 167: 15th St NW
SR 167: 26th St NW
SR 167: 37th St NW
SR 167: S 277th St, East
SR 167: S 277th St, West
Green River
SR 167: Willis St
84th Ave S
4th Ave N
S 212th St
S 222nd St
S 194th St
SR 167: SW 41st St
S 28th Pl
I-405 Interchange
I-405/SR 167 Interchange

SR 169

SE 276th St
SR 169 at SR 516
SE 240th St
Witte Rd SE
SE 231st St
I-405/SR 169 Interchange

SR 181

Strander Blvd
S 156th St
Grady Way

SR 202

NE 177th Pl
NE 175th St
SR 520 I/C
185th Ave NE
SR 202: E Lake Sammamish Pkwy
188th Ave NE
SR 202: 204th Ave NE
SR 202: Sahalee Way

SR 204

US 2: SR 204 Interchange
SR 204: Lundeen Pkwy

SR 509

S 96th St
S Cloverdale St

SR 515

I-405 SB Ramps

SR 516

SR 516: I-5 Interchange
I-5/SR 516 Interchange
Military Rd
168th Pl SE
SR 18 WB Ramps
185th Ave SE
SE Wax Rd
SR 516 at SR 18
192nd Ave SE

SR 518

S 154th St
Airport Dr
SR 518: SR 99 Interchange
42nd Ave S
51st Ave S
46th Ave S
EB Under I-5

SR 520

Delmar Dr E
Montlake Blvd
20th Ave E
SR 520: Foster Island
Lake Washington Blvd Ramp
Montlake Ramp
West Bridge
SR 520: East Bridge
SR 520: Mid Bridge
SR 520: 84th Ave NE
SR 520: East Highrise
Evergreen Pt Rd, WB Bus
Evergreen Pt Rd, WB
Evergreen Pt Rd, EB
Evergreen Pt Rd, EB Bus
Evergreen Pt Rd
89th Ave NE
80th Ave NE
84th Ave NE, WB
84th Ave NE, EB
87th Ave NE
SR 520: 88th Ave NE
92nd Ave NE, WB
92nd Ave NE, EB
92nd Ave NE, Bus
96th Ave NE
97th Ave NE
100th Ave NE
SR 520: 92nd Ave NE
SR 520: Bellevue Way NE (104th Ave NE)
108th Ave NE, N
108th ave NE, S
I-405 Interchange
126th Ave NE
124th Ave NE
130th Ave NE
140th Ave NE
148th Ave NE
NE 51st St
NE 40th St
SR 520: W Lk Sammamish Pkwy
W Lake Sammamish, EB Ramps
Marymoor Park
W Lake Sammamish, WB Ramps
Redmond Way

SR 522

Roosevelt Tunnel
I-5 Ramps
NE 153rd St
SR 522: Ballinger Way (SR 104)
NE 165th St
61st Ave NE
SR 522 and 68th Ave Interchange
73rd Ave NE
77th Ct NE
83rd Pl NE
80th Ave NE
SR 522: S Campus Way
I-405: SR 522 Interchange NB
SR 522: SR 202
SR 522: SR 9
Paradise Lake Rd
SR 522: Echo Lake Rd
SR 522: Fales Rd
SR 522: Elliott Rd
SR 522: 149th Ave SE
SR 522: 159th Ave SE
SR 522: W Main St
SR 522: 175th Ave SE
SR 522: US 2 Interchange

SR 525

Alderwood Pkwy, NB Ramps
Alderwood Mall Pkwy
164th St SW
148th St SW
SR 525: SR 99 Interchange
Beverly Park Rd
Harbour Pt Bvd S
Chennault Bch Rd
Harbour Pt Bvd N
Paine Field Blvd
76th St SW (south)
76th St SW (north)
SR 525: Clover Ln
SR 525: 5th St
SR 525: 5th St Looking South

SR 526

SR 526: Evergreen Way
I-5/SR 526 Interchange

SR 527

I-405/SR 527 Interchange
SR 527: 164th St SE
153rd St SE
Trillium Blvd
SR 527: 132nd St SE / SR 96
121st St SE
116th St SE
112th St SE

SR 529

SR 529: Snohomish River South
SR 529: Snohomish River North

SR 531

SR 531: 27th Ave NE
SR 531: Smokey Point Blvd
SR 531: 43rd Ave NE
SR 531: 51st Ave. NE
SR 531: 59th Ave. NE
SR 531: 67th Ave. NE

SR 599

I-5: SR 599 Interchange
S 133rd St
E Marginal Way
Metro Bus Base

SR 900

Boeing Access Rd
I-90/SR 900 Interchange
Maple St
Newport Way
Gilman Blvd

Other Cameras


WSF Clinton Terminal
WSF Clinton Uphill
WSF Clinton Dock
WSF Clinton E SR 525
WSF Clinton W SR 525
WSF Colman Dock Bainbridge Ferry Holding
WSF Colman Dock Bremerton Ferry Holding
WSF Colman Dock Pier 48 Holding
WSF Edmonds Pine
WSF Edmonds W Dayton St
WSF Edmonds Underpass
WSF Edmonds Holding
WSF Edmonds VMS Sign
WSF Fauntleroy Ferry Holding
WSF Trenton St looking North
WSF Fauntleroy Way looking North
WSF Lincoln Park looking North
WSF Fauntleroy Way and Cloverdale St.
WSF Mukilteo SR 525 at 5th St - North
WSF Mukilteo SR 525 at 5th St - South
WSF Mukilteo SR 525 at Clover Ln
WSF Mukilteo North Holding
WSF Mukilteo South Holding
WSF Mukilteo SR 525 at 76th - South
WSF Mukilteo SR 525 at 76th - North


Arlington Airport West
Arlington Airport Northwest
Arlington Airport South
Arlington Airport North
Harvey Airfield(Snohomish)