Cable Median Barrier Program in Washington State

The purpose of this report is to summarize the evolution and accomplishments of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT’s) cable median barrier program and to bring to conclusion the previous efforts published in the Cable Median Barrier Reassessment and Recommendations reports of 2007, 2008, and 2009. The objective of this program is to reduce fatal and serious injury collisions by targeting cross-median crashes on high-speed controlled access highways. This report outlines WSDOT’s efforts to target those collisions. It compares crash rates before cable median barrier was installed with crash rates of the various barrier treatments that followed.
Publication Date: 
Monday, June 17, 2013
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 812.1
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10/12/2016 - 15:42
Dave Olson, Mark Sujka, Brad Manchas.
Washington (State). Dept. of Transportation. Office of Design Policy Research
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Median barriers, Cables, Barriers (Roads), Collisions, Before and after studies, Accident rates, Crash injury research, Accident data, Evaluation and assessment, Freeways, Safety.