Wear Resistant Pavement Study

This report documents the construction of three special pavement test sections on I-90 east of Spokane, Washington. The test sections included ultra-thin and thin whitetopping, Modified Class D open graded asphalt concrete, and micro/macro
surfacing treatment. The majority of the project was built with a Superpave Class ½ inch mix. The test sections were built to assess their potential as mitigation measures for studded tire wear.

Final results after five plus years of monitoring indicate the micro/macro surfacing has a very short service life, the Modified Class D HMA has a slightly shorter service life than the Superpave Class ½ Inch HMA, and that the whitetopping sections had the longest service life. However, the ultrathin whitetopping (3-inch) failed due to cracking within a very short period. None of the treatments provided a long-term solution for studded tire wear.

Cost/benefit considerations would point to the Superpave Class 1/2 Inch as the most cost effective choice for this section of I-90.
Publication Date: 
Saturday, June 13, 2009
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 657.2
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10/12/2016 - 15:42
Keith W. Anderson, Jeff Uhlmeyer, Mark Russell, Jim Weston.
Washington (State). Dept. of Transportation. Materials Laboratory
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Paving materials, Materials testing, Tests specific to a material, structure or device, Whitetopping, Asphalt concrete, Wearing course (Pavements), Durability, Surfacing, Studded tires, Rutting, Superpave, Friction.