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Sign Shop

Making stop signs

The Washington State Department of Transportation established a centralized sign shop in 1983 to provide signs in an efficient, economical and timely manner. Located at the South Central Region Complex in Union Gap, the Central Sign Shop is the only WSDOT sign fabrication shop in the state. Each month, an average of 7,000 square feet of signs are manufactured for the State of Washington. Each year, WSDOT, with the assistance of the Central Sign Shop, recycle about $150,000 per year in aluminum from old and damaged signs collected throughout the state.

Sign Shop Services

Different types of road signs

We produce a variety of signs for:

  • state routes and highways
  • ferries
  • school zones
  • roadway entrances and exits

Doing Business with the Sign Shop

Sign Shop Pricing (pdf 1329 kb) for pricing details.

Sign Fabrication Manual

Artwork Specifications

Illustrator (.ai) or .eps preferred.
Other files accepted with min. resolution of 250 pixels per inch: .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff or .bmp

Contact Us

Dave Fernald
Sign Shop Manager

Denny Bowden
Maintenance Specialist 3

Susan Peterschick

Procurement and Supply Specialist 2