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Wireless Communications Leasing - Park and Ride Requirements

Applicant must notify WSDOT and all applicable Transit Authorities seven (7) calendar days prior to beginning any work at a Park and Ride.

  1. No activities or vehicle access is allowed in the bus loops, bus zones, bus layovers, or passenger shelter areas.
  2. All activities and staging shall take place within the lot.
  3. The Applicant shall provide all applicable Transit Authorities a map of the proposed location for the requested activities, which shall be approved in advance by WSDOT and transit staff.
  4. The Applicant shall prepare and submit for review and approval to WSDOT and transit staff a Traffic Control Plan for vehicles accessing and exiting the lot to ensure there is no interference with transit operations or transit customer use.
  5. WSDOT and transit staff may approve the use of vehicles over 10,000 GVW, specifically the type and weight of the vehicle(s), use of outriggers or stabilizers, and how the effects of the point load and overall weight may be mitigated.
  6. If vehicles over 10,000 FVW are approved for use, the applicant must submit a plan showing vehicle location, duration of use, and how/what will be used to alleviate ground disturbance (dissipation mats, 1" plywood sheets, etc.). Applicant shall cover the ground/pavement to protect the surface from oils, petrochemicals, pollutants, and hazardous waste materials.
  7. The Applicant shall be responsible for providing all necessary safety measures.
  8. No materials, equipment, garbage, etc., shall be placed or allowed in the landscaping, drainage field, or detention pond.
  9. Immediately, upon the completion of work the Applicant shall be responsible for returning the site to the same or better condition then prior to the work, including the removal and/or disposal of all equipment, materials, trash, and any items left on-site associated with the work. No equipment or other articles shall be left on-site.
  10. The Applicant shall be responsible for any and all repairs and/or replacement of any damage to the site, including to the landscaping, drainage field, detention pond, pavement, and any passenger amenities in the Park and Ride lot.
  11. WSDOT and/or transit staff will check the site after each installation/modification and will note any damage, repairs/replacement; any materials, equipment, trash, etc., left on the lot, or if removal and/or any clean-up needs to be completed.
  12. The Notice to Proceed (NTP) will expire 90 days after the date it is issued. All work described in the NTP MUST be completed within the 90 day period.
  13. Should the work described in the NTP not be completed within the 90 day period, the Applicant must submit an application detailing the work not completed and pay WSDOT to process the application for the unfinished work.