Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge

Replacing the pedestrian bridge to Colman Dock

The pedestrian bridge that runs along Marion Street between Colman Dock and First Avenue has been partially dismantled as part of the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. A new, “temporary” pedestrian bridge has been built between Colman Dock and the existing pedestrian bridge on a new route along Columbia Street and Western Avenue.

People walk across a metal bridge above Alaskan Way road, with viaduct in background

Above: The previous pedestrian bridge crossing above Alaskan Way.

Below: The new pedestrian bridge one block south on Columbia Street.

New pedestrian bridge built atop columns spanning above Columbia Street

This new, temporary bridge will be in place until the City of Seattle builds a permanent pedestrian bridge on Marion Street, scheduled to open in 2023.

Scope and schedule of work

To minimize disruption to this important pedestrian connection to Colman Dock, crews will first build the temporary bridge, then remove the current one.

  • March 2019: Move a sewer along Western Avenue to prepare for building the new, temporary bridge.
  • March – June 2019: Build the support columns for the temporary bridge on Western Avenue and Columbia Street.
  • March – June 2019: Demolition crews will skip over the section of viaduct around the current pedestrian bridge as they work their way up the waterfront, leaving the current pedestrian bridge intact and open.
  • June – July 2019: Bring in and place the temporary bridge structure atop the columns.
  • July – August 2019: Complete building the temporary bridge and connect it to the existing bridge at the intersection of Western Avenue and Marion Street.
  • September 2019: Demolish remaining section of viaduct at Marion Street and section of current pedestrian bridge over Alaskan Way.
  • Sept. 15, 2019: Open new pedestrian bridge with opening of new terminal at Colman Dock.
  • Early 2023: The City of Seattle opens a new, permanent pedestrian bridge on Marion Street as part of the Waterfront Seattle Program.


Map of new bridge

Drawing showing temporary bridge path relative to current bridge

Interruptions to Colman Dock access

The rebuild of Colman Dock is happening in parallel with the viaduct demolition, and the two projects are coordinating their work schedules to minimize disruption and detours to people traveling to and from Colman Dock.