Trimming the tunnel with lane stripes and stick figures

Posted on Aug 21 2018 9:19 AM
Scientists are still trying to figure out how the zebra got its stripes. In the case of the SR 99 tunnel’s stripes, there is no mystery. This past weekend, crews working for Seattle Tunnel Partners finished striping the tunnel between the stadiums and the Space Needle.
View from above of tunnel portal showing roadway with yellow and white lane stripes
The stripes separate each of the tunnel’s roadway decks into two 11-foot lanes, an 8-foot shoulder on the left side and a two-foot buffer on the right.   
Tunnel interior showing yellow and white striping for two lanes and wide shoulder
Meanwhile, work on another kind of paint job is underway inside the tunnel. Crews are using stencils to paint tall, running stick figures on walls in both directions of the tunnel. 
Tunnel interior with blue stencil of exit sign on right wall
The green icons are spaced about 50 feet apart on the west walls of the southbound (upper) and northbound (lower) roadways. As shown in the photo, arrows point the way to the nearest exits, along with the distances to them. 
Tunnel interior showing green exit sign with running stick figures painted on right wall
If the seven-foot-tall green stick figures don’t get your attention, flashing lights at each of the tunnel’s emergency exits and electronic signs will provide additional guidance. 
The tunnel could open as soon as this fall, after an approximately three-week viaduct closure to realign SR 99 into the new tunnel. Keep following our website and Twitter account for more information as we move closer to opening the tunnel and taking down the viaduct.

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